Skin biopsy, Melbourne

  • Diana Tran - dermatologist Toorak

    Dr. Diana Tran

    dermatologist (Dermatological surgery, General dermatology, Hair loss)

    • 42 Ross Street, Toorak

      Private practice

    Diagnosed with melanoma, Dr Tran removed the cancer then & there. For 8 years, Diana ana has kept a watchful eye on me for further cancers. While she chats, her diagnostic eye scans for problems. To have a wonderfully caring person practising in this demanding expertise is fantastic. …more

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  • Barry Teperman - gp Hawthorn

    Dr. Barry Teperman

    gp, travel medicine physician

    • 585 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

      The Medical Clinic - Hawthorn

    My GP for over 20 years, wonderful man, wonderful Doctor Could be improved: nothing ing …more
    First visit General Practice from $83

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  • Edward Petrov - general physician South Melbourne

    Dr. Edward Petrov

    general physician (Skin Cancer), gp

    • 245 Park Street, South Melbourne

      Realcare Health Clinic

    Excellent service is provided by the Doctors and the reception staff at this practice. tice. The level of care provided by the Doctor I usually see is outstanding. …more

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  • Peter Louis - gp Officer

    Dr. Peter Louis

    gp (Paediatrics)

    • 4 Cardinia road ( T24 Arena shopping centre ), Officer

      Officer Medical Centre

    very knowledgeable and compassionate

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  • Katie Vardapetyan - gp Wantirna South

    Dr. Katie Vardapetyan

    gp (obstetrics and family planning)

    • 30 Tyner Road, Wantirna South

      Tyner Road Medical Centre

    Dr Katie is the best doctor I have ever seen.. I would travel any distance to see her as I have never met a more professional generally interested and caring doctor.. She has the ability to identify issues and solve what other doctors miss..... She has done a lot for me and my family... …more

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  • Roger Bernard - cosmetic physician Broadmeadows

    Dr. Roger Bernard

    cosmetic physician, gp

    • 42-48 Coleraine Street, Broadmeadows

      Hume Gp Super Clinic


      Private practice

    Attentive, professional, friendly, not afraid to take the time with you. (Instead of in and out, move to the next patient Could be improved: If he was available more days per week. …more

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  • Eric Poon - dermatologist Hawthorn East

    Dr. Eric Poon

    dermatologist (Cosmetic dermatology, General dermatology, Skin cancer (management))

    • 71 Mayston Street, Hawthorn East

      Camberwell Dermatology

    Dr Eric Poon is a very knowledgeable doctor. He is professional too. He treated my y acne problem and I have my clear skin back. Apart from that he is a very nice person. Thank you so much for your help doc! …more

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  • Hope Dinh - dermatologist South Melbourne

    Dr. Hope Dinh

    dermatologist (General dermatology)

    • 230 York St, South Melbourne

      Hope Dermatology

    Dr Dinh and her team are very personable, compassionate welcoming and friendly. Any question asked I always received an answer in a way that I could understand. No question was too small and I was never made to feel uncomfortable. Dr Dinh and her team have gone out of their way to accommodate me Could be improved: Nothing needs improving. …more

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  • Eric Salter - gp Footscray

    Dr. Eric Salter

    gp, nephrologist

    • Millennium Medical Centre Footscray MetroWest Shopping Centre 27 Albert Street, Footscray

      Private practice

    He is amazing. He explains everything thoroughly. And he makes me feel very comfortable. rtable. Could be improved: Sometimes its takes a long time to see him. By far he is the best Doctdoctor at this clinic. …more

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  • Jane Sheedy - dermatologist Balwyn

    Dr. Jane Sheedy

    dermatologist (Skin cancer (management)), gp

    • 4 Belmore Rd (Balwyn Healthcare), Balwyn

      Private practice

    • 4 Belmore Road, Balwyn

      Balwyn Health Care

    Jane Sheedy caring listener and follows through on all queries

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  • Sherrie Chew - cosmetic physician Hawthorn East

    Dr. Sherrie Chew

    cosmetic physician (Anti-Ageing Medicine ), dermatologist

    • 663 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn East

      Hawthorn East Medical & Aesthetic Clinic - Hemac

    • 663 Burwood Road, Hawthorn East

      Hawthorn East Medical & Aesthetic Clinic - Hemac

    Dr. Chew was very patient, she paid 100% attention to me during the consultation. Facility was nice and clean, staffs there was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Chew is very professional and acknowledged. I have been her patient for a long time. Could be improved: nothing …more

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  • Francesco Barbagallo - cosmetic physician Balwyn

    Dr. Francesco Barbagallo

    cosmetic physician (Anti-Ageing Medicine )

    • 47 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn

      Private practice

    Dr Francesco was honest about my treatments and knew exactly what was required . I have been to other Clinics but I immediately knew I was in the hands of a thorough professional . I have had many treatments from Dr Francesco and everyone perfect in every way. I am so satisfied with his work Could be improved: Nothing at all in fact you can call him and I give him permission to give out my phone number to verify his amazing work. He is the best in Melbourne …more
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  • Abdul-Karem Dabash - gp Gilgandra

    Dr. Abdul-Karem Dabash


    • 88-90 Main Street, Croydon

      Croydon Medical Centre

    Dr.Dabash is really caring doctor..

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  • Richard Smith - gp Toorak

    Dr. Richard Smith

    gp, psychologist

    • 621 Malvern Road, Toorak

      Toorak Medical Centre

    Dr Richard Smith has a great team of ten doctors, four nurses, psychologist, physiotherapist, iotherapist, dietitian, exercise physiologist & helpful receptionists. …more
    Skin biopsy $82

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  • Alice Rudd - dermatologist St Kilda East

    Dr. Alice Rudd


    • 1 Balaclava Road St Kilda East, St Kilda East

      Skindepth Dermatology

    Dr Rudd picked that i had a skin cancer which i was not even aware of. it was dealt lt with promptly and she explained the procedure clearly. there is no scar. Could be improved: only me! i have had several treatments on my face and it continues to improve. …more

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  • Leonora White - gp Ashburton

    Dr. Leonora White


    • 301a High Street, Ashburton

      Ashburton Medical Clinic

    I have seen a few drs at this clinic over the years and they go well beyond the call all of duty - caring, attentive, personable, and treat patients as people …more

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  • Yuri Raymon - gp Carnegie

    Dr. Yuri Raymon

    gp (Paediatrics), pain management specialist

    • 2 Koornang Road, (Carnegie Central Medical Clinic, Level 2, Carnegie Central), Carnegie

      Private practice

    I have been seeing Dr Raymon for the past 8 years. Dr Raymon has my best interests s at heart. He is to the point, professionally polite and will explain any concerns I have in great depth. The reception staffs are just fantastic. I have always been treated with dignity and kindness by Dr Raymon. Could be improved: The waiting time can be a bit longer as expected but doesn't worry me. It shows that Dr Raymon is patient focus and not time focus. Highly recommend. …more

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  • Belinda Welsh - dermatologist Sunbury

    Dr Belinda Welsh

    dermatologist (Cosmetic dermatology, Dermatological surgery, General dermatology)

    • 39 Station St (Complete Skin Specialists), Sunbury

      Private practice

    • Suite 3, 10 Spavin Drive, Sunbury

      Complete Skin Specialists

  • Nagd Farag - cosmetic physician Brighton

    Dr. Nagd Farag

    cosmetic physician

    • 116-118 Thames Street, Box Hill

      Imaging Associates Box Hill

    Very skilled, professional and caring. She understood my needs and delivered excellent llent results. …more

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  • Valerie Peers - gp Altona North

    Dr. Valerie Peers


    • 245 Millers Road, Altona North

      Millers Road Clinic

    • 245 Millers Rd, Altona North

      Private practice

    She is the best doctor you will ever come across and she gets the job done well :) ) …more

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