Endometrial ablation, Westmead

  • Seema Mohiuddin - gynaecologist Westmead

    Seema Mohiuddin

    gynaecologist (Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility)

    • IVFAustralia, Level 2, 20-22 Mons Road, Westmead

      Private practice

    Absolutely the the best hands down, we had her originally for IVF and conceived first irst cycle. she was thourogh, caring, understanding and didn't want to muck around with the why's (this wasn't a concern of ours). after we fell pregnant we had a very complicated and difficult pregnancy and I couldn't let her go, her attitude and attention to detail meant we bought a healthy baby girl into the world. she was personal and understanding at every step of the way. I have since kept her a say gynaecologist and she is equally as caring and thorough. she does conitnual training and offers new and current treatments to being treated for various things old and new that opt up in my case. We are undergoing our second cycle with her for ICSI and not one thing has changed in the last four years of being her patient. She is a gem and our daughter calls her other mother. …more

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