ECG - exercise treadmill, Sydney

  • Cameron Holloway - cardiologist Paddington

    Assoc. Prof. Cameron Holloway


    • NSW Cardiology St Vincent's Clinic 2 Oxford St, Paddington

      Private practice

    • 2 Oxford St, Paddington, Paddington

      St Vincent'S Clinic

    Being almost 90 (not demented yet!) was treated with respect for my age. I could understand him too! All doctors should take a leaf out of his book. An incredible young man, with such humanity. My daughter (in health system) goes with me and is so impressed by his professionalism and humanity. Could be improved: Nothing. I just hope he doesn't burn out, he gives everyone so much of his time and knowledge. Don't change. A wonderful doctor who actually listens to his clients, especially us oldies. …more

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  • Edward Barin - cardiologist Chatswood

    Assoc. Prof. Edward Barin

    cardiologist (Arrhythmia and Pacemakers, Coronary Heart Disease)

    • Suite 901, Level 9, South Tower, The Interchange, 1-5 Railway St, Chatswood

      Private practice

    • Suite 203, 2 Technology Place, Macquarie University, Macquarie Park

      Mq Health Cardiology @ Macquarie University Clinic

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