Colonoscopy, Richmond

  • Ian Fok - gastroenterologist

    Dr. Ian Fok


    • 292 Swanston Street, Melbourne

      Dr Gastroenterology QV

    So Glag i was recommended to Ian Fok, his a no nonsense kinda guy. With a simple...

  • Nathan Connelly - gastroenterologist

    Dr. Nathan Connelly

    gastroenterologist, general physician

    • 113 Albert Street, East Melbourne

      Epworth Freemasons Hospital

    The Consulting rooms are easily accessed by the location. Dr Connelly explains everything...

  • Matthew Croxford - general surgeon

    Dr. Matthew Croxford

    general surgeon

    • Level 4, 55 Victoria Parade,, Fitzroy

      Private practice

    Excellent explanation of procedure and of results Could be improved: Nothing

  • Craig Lynch - general surgeon

    Assoc. Prof. Craig Lynch

    general surgeon

    • 4 Erin Street, Melbourne

      Colorectal Surgeons

    • St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

      Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre - East Melbourne Campus

    I had the fortune of having Craig conduct my first of many procedures, not only was...

  • Ilana Gory - gastroenterologist

    Dr. Ilana Gory


    • 578 High Street, Prahran

      Private practice

    Dr Gory is a sensitive listener and thorough.

  • Andrew Brett - gastroenterologist

    Dr. Andrew Brett


    • 26 Wreckyn St, North Melbourne

      Private practice

    • Royal Parade, Parkville

      Dr J A Miller Speiclaist Practice

  • Ola Niewiadomski - gastroenterologist

    Dr. Ola Niewiadomski


    • 171 Victoria Parade Fitzroy, Fitzroy

      Private practice

    • St Vincent's Hospital, Fitzroy

      Private practice

  • Richard Brouwer - general surgeon

    Dr. Richard Brouwer

    general surgeon

    • 41 Victoria Parade (level 3), Fitzroy

      Private practice

    • 41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy

      Cardiac Investigation Unit

  • Lean Cheah - general surgeon

    Dr. Lean Cheah

    general surgeon

    • Level 1, 65-67 Errol Street, North Melbourne

      Errol Street Medical Centre

  • Eugene Ong - general surgeon

    Mr. Eugene Ong

    general surgeon

    • 41 Victoria Parade (Level 2 Healy Wing), Fitzroy

      Private practice

  • Leon Fisher - gastroenterologist

    Dr. Leon Fisher


    • 1, Parkville

      Royal Melbourne Hospital

    • 183 Wattletree Road, Malvern

      Cabrini Hospital Malvern

  • Adrian Polglase - general surgeon

    Prof. Adrian Polglase

    general surgeon

    • Isabella Street, (Suite 20, Cabrini Medical Centre), Malvern

      Private practice

    • Suite 20, Cabrini Medical Centre, Isabella Street, Malvern

      Colorectal Surgeon

  • John Spillane - general surgeon

    Mr John Spillane

    general surgeon

    • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre St Andrews Place East Melbourne, Melbourne

      Private practice

    • 10 St Andrew's Place East Melbourne, East Melbourne

      Private practice

  • Edward Shelton - gastroenterologist

    Edward Shelton


    • 888 Toorak Rd, Camberwell

      Epworth Camberwell

  • Emily Wright - gastroenterologist

    Dr. Emily Wright


    • 166 Gipps St (Suite 40, Level 4) East Melbourne, East Melbourne

      Private practice

  • Mark Lust - gastroenterologist

    Dr. Mark Lust


    • 100 Victoria Parade (Suite 419), East Melbourne

      Private practice

  • Barbara Demediuk - gastroenterologist

    Dr Barbara Demediuk


    • 59 Victoria pde (1st floor), Fitzroy

      Private practice

  • Cuong Duong - general surgeon

    Dr. Cuong Duong

    general surgeon

    • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, 10 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

      Private practice