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  • Location: Edith St MedicentreService: Emergency stiches , general health care

    Riani Wong is really a great GP . We visit her regularly for a range of issues and she has always sorted the issues out efficiently . My first encounter with my son who had sliced his neck open and required stiches was so good we have been seeing her regularly ever since .
    Could be improved: Wait times - however if it's an emergency and you don't have an appointment she will generally squeeze you in . This is the bonus to enduring long wait times at times :)

  • Location: Edith St Medicentre

    Excellent family doctor of ours for 11+ years. Don't like waiting when I have an appointment though.

  • Location: Edith St Medicentre

    I and my daughter always get very good care, she is very detail, pretty quickly understand the core of the issue and offers good solutions or prescriptions as necessary.

  • Location: Edith St Medicentre

    Very good Dr. Thorough and efficient, although often runs late, as she will squeeze her collegue's patients in as he runs horrendously late all the time.

  • Location: Edith St Medicentre

    Dr Riani is a friendly, helpful doctor, but we always wait at least 45 - 60 minutes. Often much longer.

  • Location: Edith St Medicentre

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  • Location: Edith St Medicentre

    Riani is very friendly and very thorough.

  • Location: Edith St Medicentre

    The best GP in Brisbane