My 9 year old boy has been waking in the morning with heavy nose bleeds and it appears to hapen if he has taken Childrens Claratyne the nght before. Is nose bleed a side affect?
Dr. Farshad Ghazanfari   MD,FRACP
Dr. Farshad Ghazanfari MD,FRACP
General physician, Musculoskeletal physician, Sport and exercise physician
I am adult physician but antihistamine should not cause nose bleeding but dry nose could!

Dr. Raj Khillan
Dr. Raj Khillan
St Albans
Claratyne unlikely to cause nose-bleeding.

In general nose bleeding in children is very common and is associated with nose picking habit.

But if it is persistent or frequent good to see pediatrician to rule underlying bleeding disorder and to check child is not anemic or iron deficient due to ongoing nose-bleeding or to see ENT as child may need cauterization.

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