Is it painful to have inguinal hernia repair?

Is it painful to have inguinal hernia repair?


Sumeet Toshniwal

Every operation will cause some discomfort.It also depends wether you are having it with the old traditional technique, the open repair or the relatively new, laparoscopic (key- hole) repair.
Open operation requires a bigger cut and also divides the nerves, this generally leads to a lot of discomfort and pain afterwards and a chronic pain in 8-10% cases. None of this happens with laparoscopic repair.
Make sure you ask your surgeon, which technique is being offered to you.
Hope this helps.
Sumeet Toshniwal


Niruben Rajasagaram

I am sure you would be aware that any surgery would see some degree of discomfort in the recovery process. Key hole surgery in general provides a shorter route in terms of recovery back to work. Many surgeons do perform this as their preferred option- but there is a role for the open procedure as well.

However the other relevant questions would be what kind of work you do and have you had any previous surgery.

There are specific risks tailored to both options however this would require further discussion with your specialist. Both procedures carry a ≤ 1 % risk of recurrence when done by specialists.

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