I have , l 4/5 spinal stenosis . I can barely walk and frequently collapse due to spasm from back to knees . I seem to be getting weaker on standing . Cortisone injections have helped a little . So far , i have been adviced nothing more can be done safely . I would appreciate more positive help . Meanwhile i am trying to remain active .

Kind regards Mr Art Vink mitchell pk sa
Dr. Santosh Poonnoose
Dr. Santosh Poonnoose
Dear Mr Vink
Dr Poonnoose sees public and private patients at FMC.
You will need a referral letter from your GP to be able to see him. If you have private health insurance you can see him in his private rooms.
If you are a public patient, you can see him in FMC clinics.
Dr Poonnoose is overseas and will not be back until 14th Jan. I suggest you get a referral in the meantime and we can go from there. I hope this helps.

Dr. Michael Coroneos
Dr. Michael Coroneos
Have you had a full neurological examination with reflexes, sensation whilst disrobed appropriately and full spine MRI ? You need to speak with your treating medical practitioner and you may need to be assessed by a neurologist and /or a spinal surgeon.If you are 'getting weaker on standing' that is most concerning- attend your treating doctor ASAP and do not waste your time on Dr Google.It is inappropriate for doctors to solicit consultations.See your treating doctor ASAP.

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