I have had two gluteus medius muscle repairs , the first one tore basically straight away and now I have been advised that the second one has not been succcessful. Also, on the same hip I have had two hip replacements, with the first one becoming loosened, so had to have a revision second time. Please, I need someone to help me desperately, as I am in constant, chronic pain.
Dr. Simon Kinny
Dr. Simon Kinny
Orthopaedic surgeon
Please identify where you are situated geographically. Do you even live in the same country as me?

Dr. Justin Webb
Dr. Justin Webb
Orthopaedic surgeon
North Adelaide
This is a very complex and diffcult scenario. Depending on which approach to your hip was perfomed, there may be quite a lot of damage to the gluteal muscles and they may not be repairaple. There may be some options available to you but you will need to be proplerly investigate to see if the gluteal injury is the cause of your symptoms or is the pain coming from somewhere else, for example your hip replacement. You would then need to determine if there is sufficient muscle and tendon to attempt a repair, or whether a muscle transfer is a better option. I suggest you speak to your local orthopaedic surgeon to evaluate these things. Best of luck

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