I have had a headache for 3 weeks,

I have had a headache for 3 weeks, worse at night. I received a CT brain & Intracranial Angiogram and the report says there is suggestion of a right frontal osteoma. Minor convexity of the bony nasal septum towards the left side. Dr said to get another scan in a year. Immigran tablets not working. What else should I do?

Dr. Geoffrey Boyce
Dr. Geoffrey Boyce Neurologist Hervey Bay
Doctors assess Impairment or a diagnosis. That is then passed on to others to assess how the diagnosis (impairment) affects a particular problem.

VII th Nerve lesions are considered under:

Facial appearance

Masticatory or eating ability

It is covered in the 4th ,5th 6th ,7th 8th Editions of the AMA Guides for the Assessment of Impairment

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