I am a fit or was 73 year old female with a history, of myself at age 39 but also runs in females in the family of breast cancer. 2 weeks ago I had within a time frame of 3 hours (with no reason such as a fall or hard knock)my breast whole breast swelled and as hard as a rock with horrendous bright red burning. I saw my GP who immediately put me on antibiotics a course of 3 lots. the swelling has reduced to the size of an egg now. Have had 2 lots of mammograms and ultra sounds but without any conclusion or answers. The radiologist has advised i see a breast cancer surgeon. When this all started it had all the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer as I live in a regional area and have to travel 400 kilometres to someone who specialises in IBC do you think i would bedding myself an injustice if I was to just see a surgeon locally who does handle breast cancer.
Prof. Ehtesham Abdi
Prof. Ehtesham Abdi
Medical oncologist, Palliative medicine physician
Most likely it is an infection but you must see a local surgeon first and then only if necessary see a specialist breast surgeon who may organise a breast MRI.

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