HOW Long should you take Targin 20/10mg my sister 85yr in aged care has been on it for quite awhile for bad osteo,and back pain
Dr. Farshad Ghazanfari   MD,FRACP
Dr. Farshad Ghazanfari MD,FRACP
General physician, Musculoskeletal physician, Sport and exercise physician
Targin is a narcotic drug and is addictive
Compating to oxyco nti e has kess co stipation effects but long term not the safest chlice
I my practuce I use non opioids such as lyrica ,cold laser ,panadol soteo+_ anti inflammatories if safe,accupucture hypnosis hydrotherapy massage and ohysio and local nerve root or facet joint injection so I could taper that high dose of targin down !

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