How long after taking coveram side effects begin on an 5/5 dosage?
 Chee Khoo
Chee Khoo
It depends on the "side effects". Coveram is an anti-hypertensive with two agents in them - perindopril and amlodipine. They work differently. Perindopril relaxes the artery by working on chemicals in the kidneys while amlodipine dilates arteries and veins to reduce blood pressure.

The BP effects works within 24 hours and the side effecgs in susceptible patients may be blood pressure being too low giving rise to light headedness. The amlodipine does dilate veins and can cause swollen ankles which is worse in summer. It may not be noticeable in the cooler months and surfaces months later. Amlodipine can also cause constipation in some patients and that can be subtle and become noticeable after weeks or even months.

In a small number of patients especially those with kidney problems, perindopril may worse kidney function.

A late side effect of perindopril can be a cough that refuses to go away. It may not come up for months or even years until a simple viral infection. We call it an ACE cough.

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