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Mark Doyle 12/3/18

Hi, This is not a procedure performed by Dr Doyle. We would recommened you see a Gynecologist who may be able to perform this.

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Raj Khillan 11/20/18

This is a complex issue with multiple contributing factors leading to behavioral issues in child and sleep deprivation in both parents and children. This needs detailed pediatric assessment.
Sleep… More

Ian Skinner 11/27/18

A degenerate disc is, of itself, not the issue. The problem really is how it affects you. It is the symptoms which require assessment and treatment. Treatment depends upon the symptoms, your age and any… More

Farshad Ghazanfari MD,FRACP 12/25/18

Targin is a narcotic drug and is addictive
Compating to oxyco nti e has kess co stipation effects but long term not the safest chlice
I my practuce I use non opioids such as lyrica ,cold laser… More

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