• Jane Fitch - psychiatrist

    Dr. Jane Fitch


    • Suite 11 Melville House 25 Foss Street PALMYRA, Palmyra

      Private practice

    Jane Listens to her patients and I believe, trusts her patients. I feel that Jane...

  • Geetha Menon - psychiatrist

    Dr. Geetha Menon


    • Unit 14, 11 Wentworth Parade, Success

      Perth Psychiatry

    • Unit 14, 11 Wentworth Parade,, Success

      Private practice

    Geetha is incredibly smart and empathetic she is an extremely understanding human...

  • Jeff Taylor - psychiatrist

    Dr. Jeff Taylor


    • 7 East Parkridge Drive Brinsmead, Cairns, Cairns

      Private practice

    He is empathetic He listens He is knowledgeable & prepared to research details...
    First visit Psychiatry $350

  • Peter McCarthy - psychiatrist

    Dr. Peter McCarthy


    • Suite 2, 29 Walters Drive Osborne Park, Osborne Park

      Private practice

    friendly aproch to the patient with confidency of finding cure. I am new born person...

  • Andrew Christensen - psychiatrist

    Dr. Andrew Christensen


    • 121 Wickham Terrace (Room 12), Brisbane

      Private practice

    simply wouldn't be here today if not for the expert professional care of Doctor Christensen...

  • Frederick Ng - psychiatrist

    Dr. Frederick Ng


    • Suite 10, 19-21 Outram Street, West Perth

      Private practice

    Can't recommend Dr Fred highly enough, brilliant at diagnosing & treating mental...

  • Dennis Tannenbaum - psychiatrist

    Dr. Dennis Tannenbaum


    • 21 Havelock Street (Perth Clinic Medical Suites), West Perth

      Private practice

    Dr Dennis Tannenbaum is intelligent, insightful and respectful. I appreciate his...

  • Charmaine Myers - psychiatrist

    Dr. Charmaine Myers


    • 2 Solomon Street,, Fremantle

      Private practice

    Everything.dr c Myers is the best consultant psychiatrist in the whole of Australia....

  • Boon Loke - psychiatrist

    Dr. Boon Loke


    • 33 Havelock Street,, West Perth

      Private practice

    Dr Loke is one of the most caring and understanding Doctors I have ever met. Treats...

  • Christopher Carter - psychiatrist

    Dr. Christopher Carter


    • 64 Cheriton Street,, Perth

      Private practice

    Dr. Carter has helped me a lot. Great bloke!

  • James Fellows-Smith - psychiatrist

    Dr. James Fellows-Smith


    • Suite 12, 5 Colin Street,, West Perth

      Private practice

    Very helpful in treating for my injuries that i recieved whilst serving in a War...

  • Slav Kostov - psychiatrist

    Dr. Slav Kostov


    • Suite 3, 150 Hay Street,, Subiaco

      Private practice

    Slav is highly professional and experienced psychietrist. He is a kind and empathic...

  • Renate Mundl - psychiatrist

    Dr. Renate Mundl


    • 4 Nizam Street, Hillcrest

      Private practice

    I am currently going to her for my problems and she has helped me more than she is...

  • Stephen Ford - psychiatrist

    Dr. Stephen Ford


    • 200 Cambridge Street, Wembley

      Private Practice located at The Marian Centre

    I highly recommend Dr Stephen Ford. He always treats me with courtesy and respect...

  • Kurt Fischer - psychiatrist

    Dr. Kurt Fischer


    • Suite 25, Hollywood Specialist Centre, 95a Monash Avenue,, Nedlands

      Private practice

    Kurt is a lovely man who treated my husband who was suicidal, had major depression...

  • Stuart Hooper - psychiatrist

    Dr. Stuart Hooper


    • 71 Davey Street, Hobart

      71 Davey Road

    Dr Hooper is one of those special doctors who actually cares, listens and provides...

  • Brett Palmer - psychiatrist

    Dr. Brett Palmer


    • 32 Moore Street,, East Perth

      Private practice

    Dr Palmer is the best in his field. He saved my daughters life. We are all so thankful.

  • Jonathan Hargreaves - psychiatrist

    Dr. Jonathan Hargreaves


    • Newdegate St, Greenslopes

      Greenslopes Private Hospital

    Dr Hargreaves is a true professional, and an expert psychiatrist. He has and is...

  • Manoj Kumar - psychiatrist

    Dr. Manoj Kumar


    • 21 Havelock Street,, West Perth

      Private practice

    He is the best in this business. Simply amazing.

  • Kate Sugars - psychiatrist

    Dr. Kate Sugars


    • Suite 22, Sargent St,, New Farm

      New Farm Consultants

    After being stuck in the 'system' since age 16 going from psych to hospital and so...