Privacy Protection Policy

Basic information

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a website user’s hard drive. Cookies help website administrators to manage those websites and improve the quality of the content provided.

What is device recognition? Device recognition means mechanisms that allow the “recognition” of the type of device used by a user to connect to a website. Those mechanisms also permit the identification of the operating system used on that device, the time zone from which connection is made, the screen size and resolution, etc. These mechanisms are designed to adapt the appearance, size and other website parameters to suit the particular device. Such information is not used to identify a specific individual.

What other information does Doctoralia use? Doctoralia uses information stored in system logs (e.g. an IP address) which derives from how Internet connections generally work. That information is used for technical purposes relating to administration of our servers. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general and statistical demographic data (e.g. about the region from which the connection originates).

Doctoralia uses cookie files and other technologies and information that support management of its websites. For easy reference, cookie files and other similar technologies will be collectively referred to as “cookies”.

What cookies are used by Doctoralia?

Session cookies: these are files that are automatically removed after the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies: these are files that are stored on a device for a set period of time. Those files will store even if the browser is closed.

First-party cookies: these are cookies set by Doctoralia.

Third-party cookies: these are cookies set by websites other than Doctoralia, e.g. Google Analytics.

Doctoralia uses both first-party and third-party cookies.

Why does Doctoralia use cookies?

Cookies are necessary for Doctoralia to provide the core services related to the products we offer.

Doctoralia uses first-party cookies to enable users to sign into their accounts. Thus, at least one user authorisation is required during a session to authorise a user.

Doctoralia also uses cookies to optimise its websites and tailor the site content to individual preferences. This specifically applies to cookies which allow the “recognition” of how our website is used.

Cookies, including third-party cookies, are also used for the purposes of statistics and analytics. These files enable Doctoralia to determine the average duration of a visit to its website and the general number of visits to the websites managed by Doctoralia. The files are fully anonymous and do not allow Doctoralia to identify specific individuals who use our websites.

Additionally, Doctoralia uses cookies for remarketing purposes. Those files ensure that we are able to display advertisements of our website on other websites. Those files use, among others, the history of visits to our websites. Those files include both first-party and third-party cookies.

Does Doctoralia sell or otherwise make cookies available to other companies or firms?

No, we do not. Doctoralia neither sells nor otherwise makes cookies available to other companies or firms.

How can I manage cookies?

Cookies can be managed by changing the browser settings. In most cases, cookies can be managed from the “Settings” menu. You can use that menu to learn how to delete cookies, stop accepting new cookies or set up notifications of new cookies.

Is it possible to use Doctoralia websites with disabled cookies?

If cookies are disabled in the browser, this usually does not prevent the use of our services but may cause difficulties. In particular, it may be difficult to access certain content or sign in.

Links to other websites

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