Otorhinolaryngologists in Claremont

  • Pedram Imani - otorhinolaryngologist Perth

    Mr. Pedram ImaniverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    otorhinolaryngologist, plastic surgeon

    • 12 Salvado Road, Subiaco

      Bendat Family Comprehensive Cancer Centre

    • Suite9, 1 Salavdo road, Subiaco

      Subiaco Private Hospital

    Wonderful reaults with my experience Lip Agumentation. Different approach which...

  • Jayson Oates - cosmetic physician Subiaco

    Dr Jayson Oates

    cosmetic physician, otorhinolaryngologist, plastic surgeon

    • Suite 1A, Arcadia Chambers, 12 Roydhouse Street,, Subiaco

      Private practice

    • Suite 1a, 1 Roydhouse Street, Subiaco

      Academy Facial Plastics & Laser Specialist

    I was extremely happy with the results it was more than i expected especially the...

  • Geoffrey Hee - otorhinolaryngologist Nedlands

    Dr. Geoffrey Hee


    • Hampden ENT, 13 Hampden Road, Nedlands

      Private practice

    • 13 Hampden Rd, Nedlands

      Private practice

    Dr Hee and staff great, recommend highly.

  • Andrew Lindsay - otorhinolaryngologist Nedlands

    Dr Andrew Lindsay


    • Hollywood Medical Centre Suite 34, 85 Monash Ave, Nedlands

      Private practice

    Clear explanations, very caring and encouraging. It was a difficult operation and...

  • Marcus Atlas - otorhinolaryngologist Murdoch

    Dr. Marcus Atlas


    • ESIA, Suite 3 1 Salvado Road, Subiaco

      Private practice

  • Philip Grey - otorhinolaryngologist Subiaco

    Dr. Philip Grey


    • 25 McCourt Street, Subiaco

      Australian Institute Of Weight Control Western Australia

    • Suite 320, St John of God 25 McCourt Street, Subiaco

      Private practice

  • Shyan Vijayasekaran - otorhinolaryngologist Subiaco

    Dr. Shyan Vijayasekaran


    • 1 Salvado Road, Subiaco

      Perth Ent Centre

    • Perth ENT Centre Suite 6, 1 Salvado Rd, Subiaco

      Private practice

  • Tuan Pham - otorhinolaryngologist Perth

    Dr. Tuan Pham

    otorhinolaryngologist, plastic surgeon

    • 136 Churchill Ave, Subiaco

      Private practice

  • Timothy Cooney - otorhinolaryngologist South Perth

    Dr. Timothy Cooney


    • Perth ENT Centre Suite 6, 1 Salvado Road, Subiaco

      Private practice

  • Peter Friedland - otorhinolaryngologist Nedlands

    Prof Peter Friedland


    • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Hospital Avenue, Nedlands

      Private practice

  • Francis Lannigan - otorhinolaryngologist Nedlands

    Prof Francis Lannigan


    • 208 Hampden Road, Nedlands

      Private practice

    • 208 Hampden Rd, Nedlands

      Private practice

  • Terence McManus - otorhinolaryngologist West Leederville

    Dr. Terence McManus


    • 10 McCourt Street, West Leederville

      McCourt Street Specialist Centre