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    She is the best!!! She has been my specialist since i was 14, i am now 34 years old. She is the most honest dr i have ever had and has the courage to tell her patients when they are doing something to jeapodise their health. She has stood by me even when i have been difficult. The best dr in Aus.
    Could be improved: None.

  • Location: Private practiceService: Thyroid cancer - papillary carcinoma

    I've been seeing Dr Zacharin. For 4 years now and if it were not for her I wouldn't be alive.
    I was under the care of a another doctor before I seen Dr Zacharin and he wouldn't listen to how I was feeling, so Iwent to see her and she picked up that I had secondary cancer. I owe my life to her.
    Could be improved: Nothing she is the best

  • Location: Royal Childrens Hospital

    She is the reason I am alive, hilarious, but very matter of fact. I also appreciated that when meeting with me she spoke primarily to me and not to my parents, it was reassuring.

  • Location: Royal Childrens Hospital

    Margaret Zacharin was very thorough and professional when treating our daughter who needed surgery at the age of 2. We were in the best care possible and we loved Margaret's no nonsense approach. She gets things done and in a very efficient and professional way. Thank you Dr Margaret.

  • Location: Royal Childrens Hospital

    Lets just say... She's the reason why I'm alive today after 12 years. She's been there and never gave up.

  • Location: Royal Childrens Hospital

    Is helpful with both myself and my daughter's treatment

  • Location: Private practice

    Dr. Zacharin is a thorough professional who pays careful attention to all aspects of her patients wellbeing and is very proactive in their health management.

  • Location: Private practice

    Dr Zacharin is great, very matter of fact and not "fluffy" as some Doctors can be which we appreciate. She's thorough, helpful, but most of all reassuring.

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