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  • Location: Glengarry Private HositalService: Laparascopic Gastric Banding

    Dr.Dolan is an excellent surgeon and have recommended friends to him that have had successful weight loss after banding. I am waiting for an appointment with him to query a conversion. The band gave me grief but my friends were fine.
    Could be improved: Nothing needs improving

  • Location:

    Professionalism, but witty. Great sense of humour. Yes the appt time is quick but you should basically know most of it before you see Kevin. He explains all the procedures, then you can make an informed decision. I trust him impeccably. Will seek further advice from him. Great surgeon
    Could be improved: Would have liked to see him for all my follow up visits, but his team are great too, just love his quirky sense of humour.

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    He is straight forward and very honest, yes the consultation is quick BUT you should have done lots of research before your appointment with him. I found him genuinely interested in my case. We even spoke about other matters He is very experience and I trust him impeccably
    Could be improved: Disappointed that my follow up appointments, except the first one have not been with him, But I guess that allows him to see new patients. Would live to banter with him some more, maybe I will get that chance when I get his opinion on my boob lift

  • Dr Dolan saved my life. He is an amazing Dr who is not just in it for the money. He really wants to help people.