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  • Location: Healthcare Carnegie

    Great doctor, always has a correct diagnosis, will put in the extra time for additional research if required, practical, caring, personable. Only issue is the waiting time; one must be prepared to wait sometimes if one wants to be seen by the best.

  • Location: Healthcare Carnegie

    one of the best "people's" doctor you could possibly find.Nwadays where everyone just rushes u 2 go in & out! JOHN is behind on schedule but that is b/c he is thorough. He enuinely helps whreva possible.Makes u feel comfortable, is patient, funny & great man! Awesome guy, equally an awesome doctor!!

  • Location: Healthcare Carnegie

    Dr John Kioussis is a great gp. Very attentive and caring, as well as diagnosing illness correctly. These are qualities a lot of doctors lack today. The only negative is, there is usually a wait to see him.

  • Location: Healthcare Carnegie

    Been my family doctor for over 20 years, I've never left without a diagnosis.

  • Location: Healthcare Carnegie

    Great GP, but horrible wait. John is awesome, but be prepared to pay and wait 2-3 hours. Oh and he doesn't accept new patients right now.