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Expert in: Chronic Kidney Disease, Kidney Stones, Kidney Transplantation, Polycystic kidney disease, Therapy resistant Hypertension

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I have my Private Practice for Kidney Disease and Hypertension in the Hollywood Medical Centre, Nedlands and the Queensgate Centre building in Canning Vale, Perth. Urgent cases can… more


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    Location: Private practice

    I am a patient of Dr. Rossman, I have found him to be a most caring Dr. who explains everything in detail, he is very patient never makes you feel rushed. I have every confidence that I am getting the best treatment possible.
    Thank You Dr. Rossman.

    Johan Rosman2017-11-07

    Thank you Kath for your very kind words. I honestly think that the key to success in a patient-doctor relation lies in taking the time to listen and time to explain about health and disease and be open about what is possible and what not.

  • K
    Location: another placeService: Second Opinion from Saudi

    My father is very sick with kidney disease. He may soon need dialysis. Looking on the Internet I found the very trustworthy site of Professor Rosman and having lived in Australia I trust the system. I had with my father a full hour teleconference from our computer to him and he went through all the paperwork I emailed him about my father. He was enormously patient and must have spent hours on reading all the information. Yet he charged only a moderate amount that made it very worthwhile to get his expert opinion on the treatment of my father who is still not on dialysis. thank you Professor Rosman for making the world so small that we could get your expert opinion.

    Johan Rosman2017-11-01

    I use the computer for tele consults a lot for my patients who live in remote places in Australia. There are also requests from other countries, and wherever possible I do my best to help people, for example with a consult if there are concerns or questions or for second opinion from another country. I am happy to read that your father is doing well.

  • S
    Location: Private practiceService: High Blood Pressure

    Had many years high blood pressure and did not tolerate the pills. Prof Rosman found a kinked blood vessel and had it repaired. I flushed all my tablets through the toilet, never felt better.

    Johan Rosman2017-10-30

    Thank you. You had a 'renal artery stenosis' that could easily be repaired. i describe it on my website

  • A
    Location: Private practiceService: Second opinion kidney disease

    Was in a Public hospital for my kidneys I had no idea what actually happened. Seeing Prof Rosman he took a full hour to explain all. Was an investment of some dollars but well worth it as now I understand and he is always on email to answer questions I have. Took away my anxiety.
    Could be improved: Prof only does clinics on Wednesdays but I understand that he also works in Royal Perth and at University.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you, I am happy I could help you and clarify your problem. I am sorry that I can only do clinics on wednesdays due to other commitments, but waiting times are never long for appointments.

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    Location: Private practiceService: Kidney Checkup.

    examined quickly, has a clear understanding about my case.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you for your positive review of my services

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    Location: Private practiceService: Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

    Amazingly kind man who spends time actually LISTENING to you and REALLY caring. You never feel rushed or that you are "just a number". Professor Rosman is delightfully "old school". A doctor you can trust and who ALWAYS has your best interests at heart. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Book with him TODAY!
    Could be improved: Absolutely NOTHING! He even arranged for me to do online appointments as I am from a country town and find it difficult to drive in the city. He literally changed my life by altering my medication! He's awe and then some!

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Again I feel humbled by your words. I know how you were struggling with your medications. I am glad you like the computer teleconferences I offer, it saves the patient and the healthcare system a lot of money and I can bulkbill these.

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    Location: Private practiceService: Nephrotic syndrome

    Dr Rosman was consistent throughout my diagnosis and treatment. He was sincere, caring and true to his word. Because I live in the country Dr Rosman made telehealth appointments available to me after my initial appointment with him thus saving me from having to travel to Perth.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you for your kidn words. I am very happy for you that it all worked out so well. It was a pleasure having you as one of my patients.

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    Service: Hospital stay in Hollywood Hospital

    I was in hospital with a blood vessel problem they had to use a lot of dye for. This made my kidneys fail. Dr Rosman was asked to help with my kidneys and saw me for a week every day. Usually after normal working hours he popped in and even over Easter came and see me. My kidneys work normal again.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you so much. I also was very happy that you came through this difficult time so well.

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    Location: Private practiceService: Acute kidney failure

    Prof Rosman has recently treated my elderly mother over 4 months. He is the most authentic, honest and gentle physician who offers attentive consultation and comprehensive review of all issues. A lovely man with the gift of healing. Cannot speak highly enough of him.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you so much for your kind words that humble me. I am only trying to help people who are very worried about their kidneys and i think that honest information, being open and listen to what you tell me are the only ways to have a good patient-doctor relationship. Thanks again.

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    Location: Private practiceService: Diabetes and Hypertension

    Amazingly gentle, attentive and wise man who spent entire time actually LISTENING and interacting with me. Totally allayed my fears about a misdiagnosis given by another doctor, reviewed all my tablets and even cut out tablet which was having severe side effects. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    Could be improved: Not a thing! Professor Rosman is a true healer, a rare gem whom I am so glad I found!

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you so much for these very kind words. In our hasty world we are too often focused on the wrong things and do not really listen to people. The time I spend with patients listening to what they have to say is as valuable as their questions. I do not want people to sit at home and be fearful.

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    Location: Private practiceService: High blood pressure (Hypertension)

    For me it was very important to have explained in simple terms what high bloodpressure is about and how the tablets work. There was plenty of time during the hour that I saw Dr Rosman to ask everything I wanted to know and a few questions that I forgot to ask I emailed him with same day answer.
    Could be improved: The parking at this place is a problem. It may be better when they have the carpark building ready. For my next visits I saw Dr Rosman in Cannington, where there are at least 100 free carparks.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you so much. I know that Hollywood Medical Centre is working hard to expand their parking facilities. Hopefully this will get better soon. At my practice in Cannington there is ample free parking.

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    Location: Private practiceService: Best kidney doctor in town

    My kidneys did not work well, my GP told me. I waited two months for appointment in CGHospital and still nothing. Then my GP told me Prof Rosman is an excellent specialist and I saw him. Cost me 150$ first visit (an hour) and cheaper every visit after. Best thing I did for my health ever.
    Could be improved: I hope nothing changes because now he takes so much time to explain and you can email him at any time for free. Only improvement in Cannington is the waiting room, but then I never wait longer than 5 minutes.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you very much for your kind review. I try to keep the costs affordable, but since I invest a full hour with you, then follow up the results and discuss these with other specialists, after which I write a comprehensive report for your doctor (you get a copy), I wish i could do it cheaper.

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    Location: Private practiceService: Immigration BUPA examination

    Immigration told me I needed to see a nephrologist for my permanent resident visum. They wanted the report in 2 weeks. I had heard about Professor Rosman and he understood it was urgent. He saw me the same week and after some extra tests had my report to BUPA on time !!! He took lot of time for me.
    Could be improved: Parking at Hollywood Medical Centre is difficult but he also sees patients in Cannington where a friend of me went. Plenty free parking there.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you for your review. My rooms in Hollywood look at bit more 'flash than the simple room in cannington, but for that there is plenty of free parking space in cannington and the level of service you get from me is the same.

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    Location: Private practice

    We admired his thoroughness his medical advice and counsel
    which solved my problem. A compassionate man Max & Olive

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Thank you so much. i am very glad I could help !

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    Location: Private practice

    I suffer a unexplained high blood pressure and I was feel very tired and disappoint with many doctor description more then 5 drugs and still can't control it or give explaining.
    Then I mete my Angle Professor Rosman which first he grasp my attention for his nice smile and long listing to my condition and his very sincere to following up to my condition in professional mater, he response to my emails in short time and always I can see him in short notice.
    and help me to go through my pain till he

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    You are very kind. Please realise that i can only diagnose and treat, showing you the way how to do it. That you had so much success is also because you worked very hard on your health yourself. Well done !

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    Location: Private practice

    Great doctor! Took a full hour to explain everything i wanted to know and responded to emails promptly. Was 75$ out of pocket first time (pensioner), after that just 40$. No waiting for months, was seen after 10 days. Tip: see him in Cannington, plenty free parking.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    Every patient is the same for me as they all come with serious concerns about their health. Good that you could make use of the concession price.

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    Location: Private practice

    I saw Pr Rosman for my immigration medical and was very nervous. I had blood in my urines and was sent for a checkup. He did further investigations and explained it all and took a lot of time for that. He answered my many questions i came with per email.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    I am convinced that taking time for a patient is the most valuable thing we as doctors can offer. Time to listen to you, and time to explain everything.

  • S
    Location: Private practice

    Professor Rosman discovered my rare kidney condition and very high blood pressure. He took more than a full hour to listen to me and examine my body. He came with the right diagnosis and the treatment. He explained it in the smallest detail. I can always reach him and he answers all emails quickly.

    Johan Rosman2017-06-28

    You had indeed a very rare condition and I was very happy to do research and speak to colleagues in Europe and the USA about your case, I remember so well.
    in the end, we both profited from the complexity. You, because you got better, and me, because I learned a lot about a very rare condition.

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Experience and Qualifications

About me

  • I have my Private Practice for Kidney Disease and Hypertension in the Hollywood Medical Centre, Nedlands and the Queensgate Centre building in Canning Vale, Perth.
    Urgent cases can often be seen the same week. I maintain reasonable fees, Medicare and pensioner rebates apply.
    I can also see you per Computer Teleconference (a kind of Skype) if you live outside of Perth or overseas. 

    This practice is based on many years working with my patients in Europe and New Zealand/Australia. Apart from my 25 years experience it is very important to me that I bring my personal values of honesty, respect and openness to my work.
    I will dedicate  a full hour in our first consultation to get your history and all aspects of your health right, looking further than just your kidneys or blood pressure and do a thorough physical examination. My approach has always been that I will explain in detail everything you need to know about your health problems or about your blood pressure, as I can not solve your issues alone. YOU need to be an active part of your own treatment.
    Every step along the way I will be there to support you. I am a strong believer that medicine can only be practised correctly in cooperation with you, your GP and everybody else who you think is relevant.
    You can read some more about my philosophy on my website
    1975 - 1982 Medical School, State University Groningen, The Netherlands
    1982 - 1987 Training in Internal Medicine, University Hospital Groningen, The Netherlands
    1987 - 1989 Training in Nephrology and Hypertension, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany
    1989 - 1991 Training in Hypertension and Renal Transplantation, Universities Basel and Berne, Switzerland
    1991 - 1995 Associate Director of Nephrology, University Hospital Lausanne, Switzerland
    1995 - 2002 Director of Nephrology and Intensive Care, Westeinde Hospital, The Hague, Netherlands
    2002 - 2012 A/Professor Nephrology, Hypertension and Transplantation, University of Auckland, New Zealand
    2005 - 2012 Director of Centre of Excellence for difficult to treat Hypertension, Apollo Centre, Auckland
    2012 - today Professor of Nephrology and Specialist in Hypertension, University of Western Australia
    2012 - today Nephrologist and Specialist in Hypertension, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth
    2014 - today Private Practice for Nephrology and difficult to treat Hypertension, Hollywood Hospital, Perth
    More than 130 peer reviewed publications regarding kidney disease, hypertension and dialysis/transplantation


  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Transplantation
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Therapy resistant Hypertension

Schools graduated

  • Professor of Nephrology University of western Australia, Perth 2012
  • Hypertension Centre of Excellence Auckland 2006
  • Foundation Professor of Medicine Medical School Curtin University 2016
  • MD PhD FRACP University of Groningen, The Netherlands 1982
  • Doctor of medicine Univ Groningen, Netherlands 1982
  • Specialist in Medicine and Nephrology-Hypertension University of Heielberg, Germany 1990
  • Fellow Royal Australasian College of Physicians New Zealand/Australia 2003