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Suite 11 Melville House 25 Foss Street PALMYRA, Palmyra

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Verified patient
Location: Private practice

Dr Fitch is the most knowledgeable & credible support for those suffering any kind of mental health illness/issue. And as a diagnostician - she outshines ALL.
I've seen a few psychologists & a psychiatrist in my life ... but NONE of them figured out what became obvious to Dr Fitch.
First she diagnosed sleep apnoea & organised a sleep study & cpap machine for me. What a difference THAT made! Finally! A good night's sleep. It'd been years!!!
Then she identified me as having ADHD & helped me understand a lot about my energy levels & how to manage them better.
And finally ... as she got to know me even better ... she diagnosed me, at age 50, as being a high functioning Aspie (Aspergers/ASD). This truly blew me away.
I resisted the diagnosis at first. I couldn't see how it could possibly be me. But with her gentle guidance & suggested reading material, I came to realise she was right & it's changed my life sooooo much.
I now understand so many things throughout my life that puzzled or bothered me.
Most importantly, I finally like myself & understand why I am the way I am.
I'm no longer permanently stressed out & anxious. I understand what's best for me & how to deal with situations I have to involve myself in ... and more importantly, how to look after myself thereafter & deal with the feelings that arise from those situations.
I nap when I need to ... without feeling lazy & guilty.
I stay home & give myself time to recover after having been out & about or spending time with people. I used to think there was something wrong with me ... now I know I just need some time-out to decompress after being overwhelmed by a sensory overload.
I wasn't conscious of any of this before, so I beat myself up constantly.
Dr Fitch has taught me to understand myself better & to give myself a break!
She explained what my brain was doing & used tactile & visual aids so the message sunk in.
Dr Fitch also included my husband in some appointments to help her diagnosis & where she explained EVERYTHING again ... knowing he was my greatest support & also that he needed to know & would benefit from understanding it all too.
I cannot rate Dr Fitch highly enough.
I'm a different person now ... & it's ENTIRELY because of her diagnosis & care.
My normal state is now happy & content.
I still get anxious sometimes when out in some situations ... but I'm no longer overwhelmed 'cause I know I'll get thru it ... & I know how to decompress & look after myself when I get home.
I'm still a bit of a hermit ... but I'm going out more & more.
My husband & I now laugh & joke about my Aspie ways ... which is wonderful. We have a lot of fun with it.
THANK YOU Dr Fitch ... for giving me a life worth living ... & my husband sends a BIG, GIANT, ENORMOUS Thank You as well. We're even more like a couple of young love birds now! = )

Verified patient
Location: Private practice ADHD

Jane Listens to her patients and I believe, trusts her patients. I feel that Jane does not try to take control of any situation; instead, she will sit near you to listen closely and carefully to your needs, and wants. Jane is an unbelievable woman who changed my life, during our first session.

Thank you.

Location: Private practice ADHD in adults

Extremely happy with Jane. She explained everything so well, helped me to understand the way my brain works and why it does what it does. I really appreciate this as I want to know why, understand how and not just treat with medication alone. She was very professional and took me seriously.

Dr. Jane Fitch

Glad to help, especially helping people how to understand how their "wiring" works so that they can self manage .

Location: Private practice

Doctor fitch is caring, understanding and logical. She listens and treats patients with respect before telling you what's wrong. She has changed my life.
Could be improved: Nothing.

Dr. Jane Fitch

Thank you for such kind words. Hopefully I can tell you what's right as well. Always work with strengths..

Location: Private practice

DR Fitch is a very caring and compassionate person who gives of her time generously.DR Fitch listens to you and never makes you feel less than and she validates your feelings.

Dr. Jane Fitch

Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your lovely words.

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  • Question about Resdone Tablets

    why are resdone tablets given to patients?

    Resdone is a brand name of risperidone which is used to help settle distressing illogical or unsettling thoughts; confusing and/or disorganised thinking ; feelings of agitation, restlessness and insomnia,; being so on edge its hard to tell what is real and what is not.
    These symptoms can be scary or puzzling - but sometimes just don't leave much room for any other thoughts or functioning or methods of therapy.

    So risperidone can be for psychosis, bipolar disorder, and severe depression .Less commonly, risperidone is used with autism , obsessive states and even dementia.

    Risperidone is also used to maintain an illness in remission.So even if the symptoms are gone it can be used to keep them from coming back.

    Its best to ask your treating doctor what symptoms the drug is meant to help. It's not what it says on the medication package insert - its what is on your own individual treatment plan worked out between your and your doctor.


    Dr. Jane Fitch

  • Can a patient that is already taking ZYPREXA (olanzapine) take PRISTIQ (desvenlafaxine) for their mental health issues?

    This combination may target sleep and mood . However, it does have more side effects with excess serotonin. Your prescribing Doctor will be considering the dose as it could lead to more weight gain, more sweating, more sexual dysfunction, increased QT interval or even a serotonin syndrome. These are dose dependent and may not occur at lower doses. So the dose and your susceptibility to these side effects will be factored into the prescription.

    Dr. Jane Fitch

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Expert in:

  • General adult psychiatry
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Resistant depression
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