General physicians in Melbourne

  • Farshad Ghazanfari   MD,FRACP - general physician Wantirna

    Dr. Farshad Ghazanfari MD,FRACPverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    general physician, musculoskeletal physician, sport and exercise physician

    • Manningham specialist suites Top to toe Health Level 3 ,Manningham medical centre, 200 high street, Lower templestowe, Melbourne

      Private practice

    • 108 MT Dandenong Rd,Ringwood East, Melbourne

      Maroondah Consulting Suites

    Dr. Ghazanfari saved my life. For seven years I suffered with horrific joint pain,...

  • Edward Petrov - general physician South Melbourne

    Dr. Edward PetrovverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    general physician (Skin Cancer), gp

    • 245 Park Street, South Melbourne

      Realcare Health Clinic

    like no other doctor i ever seen before, very caring and thorough, absolutely will...

  • Nathan Connelly - gastroenterologist Essendon

    Dr. Nathan ConnellyverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    gastroenterologist, general physician

    • 1003 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon

      Private practice

    • 210 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg

      Warringal Private Hospital

    Went out of his way to see me at short notice and very helpful and understanding....

  • Talib Tahir - general physician Melbourne

    Dr. Talib TahirverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    general physician, rheumatologist

    • 2/240 Sydney Road COBURG Coburg Rheumatology Service, Melbourne

      Private practice

    Dr Tahir is really good at what he does and will try everything possible to help...

  • Natalie Giles - endocrinologist North Adelaide

    Dr. Natalie Giles

    endocrinologist, general physician

    • 288 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

      288 Melbourne Street

    • 39 Beulah Rd, Norwood

      Endocrine Bone & Diabetes Centre

    Absolutely recommend Dr Giles as a thorough and caring professional who will answer...

  • Christine Sammartino - general physician North Melbourne

    Christine SammartinoverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    general physician, nephrologist

    • (Suite 325) 55 Flemington Road, North Melbourne

      Melbourne Kidneys

  • Andrew Lim - general physician Melbourne

    Dr. Andrew Lim

    general physician

    • Floor 7, 20 Collins Street,, Melbourne

      Private practice

  • Anthony Mariani - general physician East Melbourne

    Dr. Anthony Mariani

    general physician

    • 166 Clarendon Street,, East Melbourne

      Private practice

  • Antonio De Sousa - general physician Kilmore

    Dr. Antonio De Sousa

    general physician, gp

    • 36-38 Melbourne Street, Kilmore

      Kilmore Medical Centre

  • Duc Tran - general physician Melbourne

    Dr. Duc Tran

    general physician

    • Level 4, 250 Collins Street, Melbourne

      Mid-Town Medical Clinic

  • Heather Simmons - general physician Melbourne

    Dr. Heather Simmons

    general physician

    • Suite 24, 2 Collins Street,, Melbourne

      Private practice

  • Hugo Standish - general physician Melbourne

    Dr. Hugo Standish

    general physician

    • 545 St Kilda Road,, Melbourne

      Private practice

  • John Mathew - general physician Melbourne

    Dr. John Mathew

    general physician

    • Suite 19, 33 Queens Road,, Melbourne

      Private practice

  • John Parkes - general physician Sunshine

    Dr. John Parkes

    general physician, occupational therapist

    • 535 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


  • Jonathan Taft - general physician East Melbourne

    Dr. Jonathan Taft

    general physician

    • 206 Albert Street, East Melbourne

      Albert Street Dermatology

  • Julie Thompson - gastroenterologist East Melbourne

    Dr. Julie Thompson

    gastroenterologist, general physician

    • 166 Clarendon Street,, East Melbourne

      Private practice

  • Katherine McConnon - general physician Melbourne

    Dr. Katherine McConnon

    general physician

    • 637 Flinders Street, Melbourne

      Opmo Victoria Police

  • Mark Loeffler - general physician Melbourne

    Dr. Mark Loeffler

    general physician, gp

    • 265 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

      Dr M Loeffler

  • Murray Gee - general physician Port Melbourne

    Dr. Murray Gee

    general physician, gp

    • 141 Bridge Street, Port Melbourne

      Bridge Street Industrial Clinic

  • Peter Greenberg - general physician North Melbourne

    Dr. Peter Greenberg

    general physician

    • 30-32 Wreckyn Street,, North Melbourne

      Private practice