General physicians in Adelaide

  • Ross Philpot - cardiologist Adelaide

    Dr. Ross Philpot

    cardiologist, general physician, infectious disease specialist

    • 135 Hutt Street, Adelaide

      135 Hutt Street

    • 350 South Terrace, Adelaide

      St Andrew'S Hospital

    A considered and thoroughly competent practitioner with excellent people skills,and...

  • Lou Skeklios - general physician Wynn Vale

    Dr. Lou Skeklios

    general physician

    • 2 Sunnybrook Drive, Wynn Vale

      Golden Grove Health Centre

    I have over 25 years of primary medical support from this practice and doctor, and...

  • Denes Marantos - general physician Modbury

    Dr. Denes Marantos

    general physician

    • 1020 North East Road, Modbury

      1020 North East Road

    • 113 Smart Rd, Modbury

      Smart Rd Specialist Centre

    I've been sick for 7 months and unable to work, all of a sudden I've gotten somewhere,...

  • Mark Harris - general physician Wynn Vale

    Dr. Mark Harris

    general physician

    • 2 Sunnybrook Drive, Wynn Vale

      Golden Grove Health Centre

    I can honestly say Dr Mark Harris has gone beyond his scope of Prac. helping myself...

  • Patrick Elton - general physician Hazelwood Park

    Dr. Patrick Elton

    general physician

    • 539 Glynburn Road, Hazelwood Park

      Hazelwood Clinic Medical Practice

    I saw Dr Patrick Elton for a year or so when living in the local area as my regular...

  • Daniel Anderson - general physician Linden Park

    Dr. Daniel Anderson

    general physician

    • 412 Portrush Road, Linden Park

      Linden Park Medical Clinic

    He is very caring, very human and he has a good sense of humour.

  • Ethan Tieu - general physician Wynn Vale

    Dr. Ethan Tieu

    general physician

    • 2 Sunnybrook Drive, Wynn Vale

      Golden Grove Health Centre

    • 1, Adelaide

      Parklands Medical Practice

    caring and thorough, best doc i'v seen in quite some time

  • Natalie Giles - endocrinologist North Adelaide

    Dr. Natalie Giles

    endocrinologist, general physician

    • 288 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

      288 Melbourne Street

    • 39 Beulah Rd, Norwood

      Endocrine Bone & Diabetes Centre

    Absolutely recommend Dr Giles as a thorough and caring professional who will answer...

  • Enzo Parletta - general physician Wynn Vale

    Dr. Enzo Parletta

    general physician

    • 2 Sunnybrook Drive, Wynn Vale

      Golden Grove Health Centre

    his attentiveness and fantastic listening and accurate diagnosis- Could be improved:...

  • Lyn Lim - general physician Wynn Vale

    Dr. Lyn Lim

    general physician

    • 2 Sunnybrook Drive, Wynn Vale

      Golden Grove Health Centre

    Dr Lim is a wonderful, caring, thorough doctor. I trust her completely.

  • Tom Zervos - general physician Salisbury

    Dr. Tom Zervos

    general physician

    • 160 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton

      Hilton Plaza Surgery

    Dr Tom responds at our level. He knows we have an interest in alternative health...

  • Christopher Balkwill - general physician Glenelg East

    Dr. Christopher Balkwill

    general physician, gp

    • 520 Anzac Highway, Glenelg East

      Morphettville Medical Centre

    Chris is a great. I have been seeing him for many years, he's kind, understanding,...

  • Robert Culver - general physician Adelaide

    Dr. Robert CulververifiedCreated with Sketch.

    general physician

    • 344 South Terrace, Adelaide

      344 South Terrace

    After a major operation and treatment by hospital registrars and my own GP, Dr Culver...

  • Ronald Russell - general physician Adelaide

    Dr. Ronald Russell

    general physician

    • 163 North Terrace, Adelaide

      163 North Terrace

    • 201-203 The Parade, Norwood

      Norwood Village Medical & Dental Centre

    Going there today

  • Peter Leonello - general physician Hackney

    Dr. Peter Leonello

    general physician

    • 67 Hackney Road, Hackney

      67 Hackney Road

    I was admitted to hospital with unexplained fatigue and back pain that was only present...

  • Carol Brownbill - general physician Wynn Vale

    Dr. Carol Brownbill

    general physician

    • 2 Sunnybrook Drive, Wynn Vale

      Golden Grove Health Centre

    Dr Carol Brownbill is very thorough and informative who looks at every facet of the...

  • Grantley Tschirn - general physician Adelaide Airport

    Dr. Grantley TschirnverifiedCreated with Sketch.

    general physician

    • 7 Frank Collopy Court, Adelaide Airport

      WorkAir Group Pty Ltd

    attention to detail Could be improved: great service located at the airport

  • Mario Valente - general physician Surrey Downs

    Dr. Mario Valente

    general physician

    • Golden Grove Road and Grenfell Road, Surrey Downs

      Golden Grove Practice

    We have been treated by Dr. Valente for nearly a year and have found him to be very...

  • Tawhid Wahab - general physician Para Hills

    Dr. Tawhid Wahab

    general physician

    • 165 Kesters Road, Para Hills

      Northern Clinic

    Super friendly, made me feel at ease immediately espec. with having severe anxiety...

  • Usman Mushtaq - endocrinologist Parafield Gardens

    Dr. Usman Mushtaq

    endocrinologist, general physician

    • 24/237 Martins Road, Parafield Gardens

      Northern Specialist Suites