Otorhinolaryngologists in Burwood

  • Smariti Kapila - otorhinolaryngologist Burwood

    Dr. Smariti Kapila

    otorhinolaryngologist (General ENT surgery, Paediatric otolaryngology)

    • 26 Burwood Rd Burwood (26A), Burwood


    Dr Kabila very easy to talk to and speaks in simple language. She really listens & allows you time to speak & ask questions. Could be improved: Nothing …more

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  • Sim Choroomi - otorhinolaryngologist Bondi Junction

    Dr. Sim Choroomi

    otorhinolaryngologist (Oncology, General ENT surgery, Head and neck surgery), plastic surgeon

    • 119 Majors Bay Road, Concord

      Concord ENT And Facial Plastic Surgery Centre

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  • A N Ananda - otorhinolaryngologist Burwood

    Dr A N Ananda


    • Suite 1, 16-22 Burwood Rd, Burwood

      Private practice

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