• Mustafa Ahmet - gp Brunswick

    Dr. Mustafa Ahmet


    • 732 Sydney Road, Brunswick

      Jewell Medical Centre

    The doctor & the staff at the front desk are very kind & warm. The prescription made...

  • Hakan Baglar - gp Lalor

    Dr. Hakan Baglar


    • 8 David street (Clinique Mediterranean), Lalor

      Private practice

    Dedication, best practice, kindness Could be improved: he is the best doctor, not...

  • Mustafa Erciyas - gp Broadmeadows

    Dr. Mustafa Erciyas


    • 126 Blair Street, Broadmeadows

      Blair Medical Clinic

    Excellent, caring doctor.

  • Lyndall Whitecross - gp Viewbank

    Dr. Lyndall Whitecross


    • 88 Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna

      Rosanna Medical Group

    So caring and supportive. She is often running late, but that's because she takes...

  • Stephen Basser - gp Heidelberg

    Dr. Stephen Basser


    • 80 Mount Street, Heidelberg

      Ford Health

    Dr Basser is a first-class listener - a very rare skill. He is kind and informative...

  • John Lynch - gp Brunswick

    Dr. John Lynch


    • 154 Moreland Road, Brunswick

      Moreland Medical Group

    My doctor since I was a child, terrific, caring doctor.

  • Justin Scarlett - gp Fawkner

    Dr. Justin Scarlett


    • 182 Jukes Road, Fawkner

      Fawkner Health Care

    Dr Scarlett is an exceptional doctor. Thorough and concise in his practice, we are...

  • Donald McColl - gp Viewbank

    Dr. Donald McColl


    • 88 Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna

      Rosanna Medical Group

    Top Bloke. Very good patient manner

  • Mark Beeby - gp Lalor

    Dr. Mark Beeby


    • 20 McKimmies Road, Lalor

      Plaza Clinic - Lalor

    Have been coming to this clinic and seeing Dr Beeby now for 20 odd years. The time...

  • John Nettleton - gp Bundoora

    Dr. John Nettleton


    • 39 Plenty Road, Bundoora

      Bundoora Medical Centre

    Getting an appointment to see Dr Nettleton can sometimes be frustrating,it is worth...

  • Rajeev Sharma - gp Heidelberg

    Dr. Rajeev Sharma


    • 110 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg

      Grace Clinic

    • 110 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg

      Grace Clinic

    Have been seeing Dr. Sharma for years, and very happy with his knowledge and interest...

  • Vincent Gallichio - gp Preston

    Dr. Vincent Gallichio


    • 279 Gilbert Road, Preston

      The Clinic 279

    After spending 13 years with all types of doctors, consultants even professors at...

  • Ross Jeffery - gp Pascoe Vale

    Dr. Ross Jeffery


    • 6 Melville Road, Pascoe Vale

      Melville Medical Group

    In all of my travels in life this would have to be the most professional, friendly...

  • Afshan Mian - gp Coburg

    Dr. Afshan Mian


    • 362 Sydney Road, Coburg

      Coburg Medical Centre

    Dr Mian is exceptional, she goes out of way to help her patients she is a very caring...

  • Debbie Richardson - gp Fawkner

    Dr. Debbie Richardson


    • 1348 Sydney Road, Fawkner

      Anderson Road Medical Centre

    Professional, friendly helpful staff with the Doctor being attentive. Understanding...

  • John McKenna - gp Glenroy

    Dr. John McKenna


    • 7-15 Glenroy Road, Glenroy

      Private practice

    He is very good at listening and very reassuring. Good at diagnosis. I have since...

  • Layla Asaf - gp Thomastown

    Dr. Layla Asaf


    • 258 Settlement Road, Thomastown

      Settlement Road Clinic

    Doc Layla's Knoldge And Personalaty Could be improved: Timing

  • Nimi Boyapati - gp Fawkner

    Dr. Nimi Boyapati


    • 126 Jukes Road, Fawkner

      Holistic Health House

    I have been seeing Dr. Boyapati now for over 4 yrs and the clinic's overall service...

  • William Miller - gp Mill Park

    Dr. William Miller


    • 410 Childs Road, Mill Park

      Childs Road Medical Centre

    Excellent doctor who cares

  • Frederick Chan - gp Heidelberg

    Dr. Frederick Chan


    • 80 Mount Street, Heidelberg

      Ford Health

    Very thorough ,correct diagnosis ,pleasent