• Hilary Bower - gp Lindisfarne

    Dr. Hilary Bower


    • 15 Franklin Street, Lindisfarne

      Franklin Street Clinic

    Dr Bower is one of the most thorough Medical Practitioners I have met during my lifetime...

  • Janiel Hall - gp West Hobart

    Dr. Janiel Hall


    • 107 Newdegate Street, West Hobart

      Newdegate Street Health Centre

    Janiel is a fantastic, compassionate, truly dedicated, exceptional doctor.

  • Arjun Von Caemmerer - gp Moonah

    Dr. Arjun Von Caemmerer


    • 67 Hopkins Street, Moonah

      Hopkins Street Medical Clinic

    Dr. Arjun Von is the best doctor I have ever had!

  • Karen Gartlan - gp Hobart

    Dr. Karen Gartlan


    • 5a Barrack Street, Hobart

      5a Barrack Street

    Prompt and caring attention. Dr. Gartlan is friendly, professional and thorough.

  • Michael Welch - gp Hobart

    Dr. Michael Welch


    • 102 Collins Street, Hobart

      Dr Welch General Practice

    Dr Welch is sensitive, non judgmental and listens. He is also persistent and smart,...

  • Michael McCarthy - gp Lenah Valley

    Dr. Michael McCarthy


    • 120 Augusta Road, Lenah Valley

      Augusta Road Medical Centre

    Dr McCarthy is a brilliant doctor. He has been extremely professional and caring...

  • John Kruimink - gp South Hobart

    Dr. John Kruimink


    • 30 Cascade Road,, South Hobart

      Private practice

    Thorough, personable GP who is great with kids and treats the person, not just the...

  • Robert Newton - gp Sandy Bay

    Dr. Robert Newton


    • 7 Beach Road, Sandy Bay

      Bayside Medical Centre

    He was an excellent G.P. Could spot a skin cancer first up.Miss him so much. Would...

  • Sally Attrill - gp Bellerive

    Dr. Sally Attrill


    • 112 Cambridge Road, Bellerive

      Cambridge Road Surgery

    Dr Attrill is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport...

  • Christina Visoiu - gp Battery Point

    Dr. Christina Visoiu


    • 1 De Witt Street, Battery Point

      De Witt Street Clinic

    Has been our family GP for over 6 yrs. She does not rush you through and listens...

  • Dimitrios Klonaris - gp New Town

    Dr. Dimitrios Klonaris


    • 3 Stoke Street, New Town

      Stoke Street Family Medical Centre

    The BEST G.P. In Tas by far!

  • Elizabeth Sypkes - gp Hobart

    Dr. Elizabeth Sypkes


    • 5a Barrack Street, Hobart

      5a Barrack Street

    Best Doctor in Hobart

  • Hamley Perry - gp Moonah

    Dr. Hamley Perry


    • 67 Hopkins Street, Moonah

      Hopkins Street Medical Clinic

    Dr Perry is a listening doctor, concerned, painstakingly thorough, and a fine clinician.

  • Jonathan Isles - gp Sandy Bay

    Dr. Jonathan Isles


    • 7 Beach Road, Sandy Bay

      Bayside Medical Centre

    He was very friendly and nice he seemed to understand and want to get to the bottom...

  • Richard Bryant - gp Sandy Bay

    Dr. Richard Bryant


    • Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay

      Unidoctors & Travel Cllinic

    The most compassionate GP I have ever seen. Genuinely cares about his patients, and...

  • Richard Roffe - gp North Hobart

    Dr. Richard Roffe


    • 408 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

      North Hobart Medical Centre

    Excellent medical centre

  • Ron Sutherland - gp Sandy Bay

    Dr. Ron Sutherland


    • 15 Princes Street, Sandy Bay

      Sandy Bay Medical Centre

    In my experience an excellent GP, with a strong focus on health maintenance, willing...

  • Thomas Bonnelame - gp Hobart

    Dr. Thomas Bonnelame


    • 48 Liverpool St, Hobart

      Royal Hobart Hospital

    • 182 Argyle St, Hobart

      Hobart Eye Surgeons

    Dr Thomas Bonnelame is the finest Seychellois ophthalmologist our country ever had....

  • Collette McClean - gp Sandy Bay

    Dr. Collette McClean


    • 80 Queen Street, Sandy Bay

      80 Queen Street

    Takes time to listen and tries to understand the issues. Goes beyond western medicine....

  • Dr McCoid - gp Sandy Bay

    Dr McCoid


    • 7 Beach Road, Sandy Bay

      Bayside Medical Centre

    I had an ingrown toenail for ages. Saw podiatrist twice, he trimmed it and it hurt...