FAQ – Doctoralia.com.au

  1. How to submit a review about a doctor?

    If you like to add a review about a doctor, use the button Add review, which can be found in every doctor’s profile. Choose rating (number of stars), write the justification and click the Add review button. Your review will not be displayed in the portal immediately. It will be first sent to our moderation section and displayed in the doctor’s profile only after its content is accepted by the moderator. Before you rate a doctor it is essential that you become familiar with the Terms and Conditions. Remember also that only registered users may post their opinions.

  2. Why does it happen that previously accepted reviews about a doctor are then deleted?

    Next to every review there is a “Report abuse” button. It may be used by every user, also a doctor, who believes that a given review is incorrect or contrary to the Terms and Conditions. Such report is sent to the moderator, who contacts the author of the review requesting a detailed description of the situation in question as well as the information about the time and place of the visit. The author of the review has 7 days to send us their explanations. If the latter are sent, the procedure continues and the explanations are forwarded to the person reporting the abuse. However, if the author of the statement does not take a position towards the reported abuse, then the opinion is deleted from the portal, because there is no possibility of verifying its validity. Such action is motivated by care for the reliability of the published statements and aims at preventing the posting of untrue contents in the portal.

  3. How can I add a doctor’s profile?

    Before you create a new doctor’s profile, use the browser and make sure that it has not been added earlier. If you cannot find the searched doctor, use the possibility to add them. The instruction how to do it you can find here

  4. The doctor’s data is out-of-date. How can I correct it?

    The data in the doctor’s profile may be updated individually using the “Correct data” button, which is found at every doctor’s profile. Remember that the updated data will not be seen in the portal immediately. Firstly they will be sent to our moderation unit and published only after the acceptance of the moderator.

  5. Can I delete the review about a doctor that I posted?

    if, for whatever reason, you wish to delete a posted comment, use the link “Report abuse”, which is found next to each rating. In the content of the report write that you would like to delete your rating. After the verification of your report by the moderator, you will receive an e-mail with the information that the rating has been deleted.

  6. By mistake I marked the wrong number of stars. How can I change that?

    Anytime you can change the number of stars you gave to the doctor. Remember, after You change the number of stars you need to click the “Edit review” button. As soon as your case is checked by our moderator you’ll get a message .

  7. The moderator has changed the number of stars next to my review. Why?

    The moderator has the right to change the rating, that is the number of stars, when they decide that the content of the review does not correspond with the awarded number of stars or when the given justification is insufficient for such rating. There also happen to appear general reviews, which do not make clear, if their authors were really the patients of the doctor in question. In such case the moderator may also change the rating. If you believe that your rating was changed incorrectly, use the link “Report abuse”, which is found next to every rating. In the content of the report write the justification for the rating, i.e. the number of stars, you consider correct.

  8. I would like to edit a posted review. How can I do that?

    You can edit a comment that you posted before. If you want to change it (for any reason) use the “Edit review” link below. As soon as you case is checked by our moderator you’ll get a message. If the changes don’t get accepted by our moderator try again following the rules.

  9. What does it mean that a profile is verified?

    The profiles of the doctors who have created an account in the portal and confirmed their data is marked as verified. Doctors who have a verified profile may i.e. independently fill in the information about themselves, e.g update the address of their medical practice or provide a phone or e-mail contact. Additionally, they may respond to reviews posted in their profiles by the patients. If you are a doctor and wish to learn about more benefits of a verified profile, contact us: [email protected]

  10. How can I change the signature under a review?

    Unfortunately, there is no such possibility

  11. What does the confirmation of the registration entail?

    Registration is confirmed by clicking the activation link which is sent by e-mail after the completion of the registration. Clicking the link automatically activates the account.

  12. I have not received the e-mail with a link to activate my account.

    Check the SPAM folder in your mailbox. Often automatic messages are sent to this folder and this is most likely what may have happened in this case.

  13. I do not want to receive notifications about new reviews. How can I stop receiving them?

    In order to disable notifications about new reviews in the doctor’s profile, the doctor needs to be deleted from the list of monitored doctors. In order to do that, log in at your account, go to the subpage “Settings” and then click “Monitored”.Next to the surname of the doctor to whom the unwanted notifications refer, disable the option “Send notifications by e-mail”. In a similar way you may disable notifications about a clinic.

  14. How can I delete my account?

    If you wish to delete your account, log in, and then go to account settings. There you will find the link that will enable you to delete it.

  15. I cannot log in to my account / I do not remember my password

    Above all, make sure that the provided e-mail address is the one you used in the registration. Then use the password reminding function. To your e-mail address you will be sent further instructions, which will enable you to log in.

  16. What is the function of the "Report abuse" button?

    The button “Report abuse”, which is found next to each comment, serves to inform the moderator about every incorrectness in the review. Use this button, if you come across a review, which is contrary to the Terms and Conditions or when you are the author of this review and wish to change it or delete it.