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  • Location: The Mosman Practice

    Debbie is the kind of doctor other doctors should aspire to be. Extremely knowledgeable and thorough, always takes time to explain in detail, you know you are in safe hands. Debbie is kind and compassionate and I for one am gl;ad that she look after my family. Thank you Debbie, you are a blessing.

  • Location: The Mosman Practice

    Very competent and conscientious - very happy on the whole,

  • Location: The Mosman Practice

    Dr Bachmayer is a great doctor. She is very genuine and down to earth. Absolutely would recommend. I have complete confidence in her abilities and expertises!

  • Location: The Mosman Practice

    I searched for a long time for a doctor after my previous doctor retired. A colleague recommended Dr Bachmayer and I was absolutely thrilled to find someone as wonderful, caring and thorough as my previous doctor. Highly recommended.

  • Location: The Mosman Practice

    I love Debbie! She looks after myself and my 6 month old daughter and she is wonderful. She will never dismiss your concerns and is very motherly. I will be seeing Dr Bachmayer until she stops practicing. Highly recommended!

  • Location: The Mosman Practice

    I concur with the above. Best doctor I have ever had.

  • Location: The Mosman Practice

    An excellent diagnostician. Treats you from both an allopathic and holistic approach. Totally thorough addresses every attention to detail. A very nurturing, caring intelligent Medical Practitioner, I highly recommend her.