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Suite 602, level 6, 26 Ridge St, North Sydney NSW, 2060, North Sydney

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Location: another place Bypass surgery for my Father

David operated on my father . He was 84 and needed a quadruple bypass. Other surgeons would not operate. My father recently turned 100. He is alive today because of Dr David Marshman

Location: Private practice problems with pacemaker

He was very approachable and kind, interesting to hear my complaint , asked a lot of questions to get to the bottom of things - which he did - Answer after a lot of tests: allergy to the nickel in pacemaker which is now changed and I owe my well being to Dr Marshman
Could be improved: Nothing! He is tops in my book and so is the staff in his rooms -

I would recommend him to any one

Location: Private practice He attended to me he in A&E at RNSH

I was in truly a life and death situation; a congenital heart condition, 3 previous open heart surgeries, MRSA in the thorasic aortic graft performed just 3 months prior; he put his hand on my shoulder and assured me as I was going into surgery that he would do his best. 10 years on....going strong
Could be improved: David is the most caring practitioner I have ever met! I would strongly suggest that David shares his skills with others within his field

Location: Private practice Pacemaker (2) and general follow-up

David is an outstanding surgeon and human being. I have been a patient since 2001.
He relates so well to patients as treats you as an intelligent human being.
Could not recommend him highly enough to anyone in need of his fields of expertise.
Could be improved: Nil

Location: Private practice Referral for Mitral Valve Repair.

David was just fantastic, gave me all the info I needed and made both myself and my family most welcome. His Reception staff are also most welcoming.
Could be improved: Nothing.

Location: Private practice

after contracting a bacterial infection in my heart I was blessed to have dr marshman as my surgeon after a number of difficult operations to replace two heart valves in my heart im now on the mend and could not thank david and his team enough true professionals I owe my life to them

Location: Private practice

A wonderful caring doctor with a just as wonderful secretary. At times like this, you need someone who you that will look after you as an individual and not as a number.

Location: Private practice

David performed a quadruple bypass on me over 5 years ago. At the time I was highly impressed by his professionalism and his ability to instil confidence in a very nervous patient. I'm still fighting fit and hope that if I need further surgery, David will be available.

Location: Private practice

Having been a patient of Dave's for over 5 years now, I highly recommend him to anyone choosing a cardiothoracic surgeon. His dedication to treating my condition has been outstanding.

Location: Private practice

I have been operated by Dr. Marshman two month ago at RNSH. The operation was sucessful and am presently recovering. I was deeply impressed by Dr. Marshman professionalism,his good understanding and communicattion skill with older people..

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