Both your data and your patients’ data is safe with us

  • All the data you add is only yours
  • Your information is encrypted and secured
  • Doctoralia will not share or sell your data
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You’re the one and only owner of your data

For your tranquility, we want to let you know how Doctoralia manages the data you add in your agenda. It’s as easy as follows:

All the data you add are exclusively yours

We will not share or sell your data

Now with third parties, clinics or other specialists. Your data is yours, encrypted and well secured.

Patients from Doctoralia are yours also

Now you know what happens with your patients’ data. But what about the new ones that come from Doctoralia? Databases from Doctoralia and the ones from professionals’ agendas are completely separated so that they can never mix, but the same strict security rules apply to both of them.

The only difference is that, to those patients that come from Doctoralia, we will also be taking care of them by sending them useful information.

Your patients’ data

  • • No data is sold or shared with any 3rd parties
  • • Doctoralia will never send marketing promotions (but you can send them personalised campaigns if you want to)
  • • Other clinics or specialists will never be able to see your private data (unless you give them access to manage your practice)

Patients from Doctoralia

  • • No data is sold or shared with any 3rd parties
  • • We will send marketing promotions only those Doctoralia patients that asked for it (and they can opt out if they want at any given time)
  • • You will only have access to the information you added about this patient, but not the one added by other specialists at Doctoralia

Your data is secured with Microsoft Azure

Doctoralia rely on the most important and trustworthy database systems to guarantee that your data and your patients’ information is always encrypted and 100% secured.

At the same time, having your information in the cloud service not only allows you to access it from anywhere and any device, but prevents you from data loss, data theft and unauthorised accesses. With Microsoft Azure your data is protected by continuous backups and industry grade firewalls.

Doctoralia takes privacity very seriously

Both Doctoralia listings and our digital agenda are designed with two things in mind: being helpful and ensure that your information is always be secured. And that’s why we have designed everything to make your life easier.

Secure, but resilient

You are the only owner of your data. Neither us nor any other third party can access it. But you can, if you want, share your online calendar permissions with your assistant or secretary so that they can help you in your daily basis.

Encrypted, but accessible

All your data is protected with 256-bit encryption, thus shielding it from any unauthorised access. However, thanks to the Microsoft Azure cloud service you can access your data from any place and device.

Useful, yet responsible

We are proud of how we help patients and doctors make the healthcare experience more human. Notwithstanding, we will never send undesired promotions to your patients. Only those who asked for it will receive them.

Have any doubts about how we treat your data or need help to manage it?

Contact us at or get immediate help from one of our specialised assistants at 020 35 82 99 71. We’ll be pleased to help you.