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Usage of Colonlytely powder

Polyethylene Glycol 59 g Sodium Sulfate (anhyd) BP 5.68 g Sodium Bicarbonate BP 1.69 g Sodium Chloride BP 1.46 g Potassium Chloride BP 0.75 g combined into a readily soluble powder.

ColonLYTELY LEMON also contains Acesulfame potassium, Lemon flavour Trusil and Calcium cyclamate.

Special precautions

ColonLYTELY is contraindicated in patients with gastrointestinal obstruction, gastric retention, bowel perforation, toxic colitis or toxic megacolon. All laxatives are contraindicated in patients with cramps, colic, nausea, vomiting or any undiagnosed abdominal pain.

Endoscopy or Colonoscopy :

The recommended dosage for adults is three to four litres of ColonLYTELY solution prior to endoscopic, radiological or surgical gastrointestinal examination.

Ideally the patient should fast for approximately three to four hours prior to ColonYLTELY administration.

In no case should solid food be given for at least two hours before the solution is given.

ColonLYTELY is usually taken orally but may be given via nasogastric tube to patients who are unwilling or unable to drink the preparation.

Oral administration is at the rate of 250ml every ten minutes until three to four litres is consumed or rectal effluent is clear.

Nasogastric tube administration is at the rate of 20 to 30ml per minute (approximately 1.5 litres per hour). The first bowel movement should occur approximately one hour after the start of ColonLYTELY administration. Various regimens have been used. One method is to schedule patients in midmorning or later allowing the patients three hours for drinking and an additional hour for complete bowel evacuation.

Another method is to administer ColonLYTELY on the evening before the examination particularly if the patient is to have a barium enema.

Barium enema:

To ensure that too much fluid does not remain in the bowel the administration of two litres of ColonLYTELY together with two tablets of bisacodyl 5mg on the night prior to the procedure results in bowel clearance at least equal to that obtainable by rectal wash-outs and avoids undue discomfort to the patient and reduces preparation time by nursing staff.


In cases of long-standing or problem constipation as a safe, acceptable alternative to enemas, suppositories, irritant laxatives or digital extraction. A dose of two litres of ColonLYTELY is recommended to be consumed over a two hour period. May be dissolved in cordial to improve palatability. Bowel movements should start within about 1 hour after the start of ColonLYTELY administration.

No additional ingredients (eg. flavourings) should be added to the solution unless especially permitted by the physician.

ColonLYTELY should be used with caution in patients with severe ulcerative colitis.

Patients with impaired gag reflex or in an unconscious state, or semiconscious patients and patients prone to regurgitation or aspiration should be observed during administration of ColonLYTELY especially if it is given via nasogastric tube.

Adverse and side effects

Adverse effects are transient and subside rapidly. ColonLYTELY administration is associated with a low incidence of side effects, primarily nausea, abdominal fullness and bloating.

Abdominal cramps, vomiting, and anal irritation occur less frequently. Isolated cases of urticaria, rhinorrhoea and dermatitis have been reported and may represent allergic reactions.

Questions about Colonlytely powder

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Dr. Leon Fisher
Dr. Leon Fisher
Colonlytely has been in short supply lately.Glycoprep is similar in composition
We use MoviPrep for colonoscopy preparation in our practice which works very well.
1 answers

 Guang Chen
Guang Chen
Colonlytely and Golytely are different brand names for polyethylene glycol based bowel preparation. They contain very similar amounts of active ingredients but come in different forms. For example,…
1 answers

Prof. Rupert Leong
Prof. Rupert Leong
Not typically. This is a bowel prep that is not absorbed and remains in the colon so should not interfere with your body hydration or respiration.
1 answers

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