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  • Peter Skillington

    Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Victorian Heart CentreService: Aneurysm - aortic & aortic stenosis

      very major "open-heart" surgery ,with no complications.Expert and personal treatment in Epworth Cardiac ward.I was home in 2 weeks,with excellent follow-up.
      Could be improved: The treatment and outcome was a good a result as it was possible to have.

    • K
      Location: Private Medical CentreService: Pulmonary valve replacement

      Dr Skillington was fantastic. He was very thorough and explained the surgery really well and was always coming to see me throughout my stay in hospital. When he couldn't come to see me he'd call the nurses to check on me. I was in very good hands.

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  • John Goldblatt

    Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Dr.

    • A
      Location: Victorian Heart CentreService: Quadruple by-pass surgery

      The complete care package, before during and after.
      Could be improved: The hard hospital beds !!

    • M
      Service: Nuss Removal metal bar removed from ches

      I am eternally grateful to Dr Goldblatt for taking on my case. What a caring, attentive surgeon. Removed Nuss Bar (metal bar) from my chest. I felt safe, calm and excited for the surgery. Even speaking to his secretary, she has worked for him close to 20 years.Wonderful man, great surgeon. Thank you

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  • Phillip Antippa

    Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Dr.

    • J
      Location: Victorian Heart CentreService: Removal of upper lobe of rt. Lung.

      I absolutely loved Dr. Antippa. He was reassuring, kind and of course he was an amazing surgeon (and musician).
      Could be improved: His music should be piped throughout the hospital.

    • A
      Location: Private Medical CentreService: Removal of lung tumour

      I liked Philips','state of the art', surgical skills, housed in a very friendly, caring character that gave you the sense that he was giving of his best at all times.Totally supported by an ultra efficient and exceptionally caring secretary at every stage of the entire experience
      Could be improved: Philips astounding skills as a musician should be introduced into the hospital P.A. system for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors alike.It has been proved internationally, through many studies, to significantly deliver improved health outcomes.

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