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108 MT Dandenong Rd,Ringwood East

3135, Melbourne, Victoria

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  • Farshad Ghazanfari MD,FRACP

    General Physician, Musculoskeletal Physician, Sport And Exercise Physician, Dr.

    • Location: Maroondah Consulting SuitesService: Unknown illness

      Dr. Ghazanfari saved my life. By far the best dr around and he actually cares about you and your well being. I’ve seen a lot of drs over a five year period and all I got was a bad bank balance. One visit with Dr. Ghazanfari and I was on a treatment plan and lots of tests. Next visit we had diagnosis of what he was sure was going on with me.
      Cannot recommend him enough. Wish there was a way to clone him.

    • S
      Location: Maroondah Consulting SuitesService: Sero-Negative Systematic Lupus Erythmatosus

      Dr. Ghazanfari saved my life. For seven years I suffered with horrific joint pain, fatigue, mouth ulcers, light sensitivity, chronic daily migraines, hair loss and a strange red marking on my face. I spent those seven years going to doctors, trying to tell them that I was unwell. Every doctor I saw barely listened to me - my appointments were never more than 5-10 minutes long. All they saw was a young woman. They labelled me as hysterical, depressed and a liar because my tests showed "nothing unusual". I ended up in hospital with horrific chest pain that I thought, at the time, was a heart attack (it has now been diagnosed as chronic costochondritis). The doctor on call agreed that something was definitely wrong and referred me to Dr Ghazanfari. He spent over an hour listening to me. He listened to my family history of auto-immune diseases. He listened to my previous issues with hemolytic uremic syndrome. He listened to my concerns about fainting and fatigue. He actually listened unlike any other doctor I had met. I burst into tears during the consultation because someone was finally taking me seriously and they cared about me as a human being. A month later we finally confirmed I had SLE. Dr. Ghazanfari worked closely with me, always listening to my concerns and fighting for me to get the right treatments and medications. I am now a completely different person. I feel good, which is just amazing after 7 years of sinking deeper and deeper into terrifying sickness. My health is amazingly improved. If I hadn't found Dr. Ghazanfari, I don't believe I would be alive today. I had no hope, no health and no one to hear me. Dr Ghazanfari is one of those amazing, rare human beings who give everything and more to help the people they meet. If all doctors were like him - if all people were like him - the world would be an incredible place. Thank you, Dr Ghazanfari. You are most definitely my hero.

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