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  • Private practice

    Suite 10/ 1st Floor, 178 Cambridge Street
    Wembley, Western Australia

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    Explanation of operation was excellent and engendered confidence in me that Mr Miles was 'the man for the job'. Results post op are excellent, off painkillers in 12 days and no pain in buttock or leg, I couldn't be happier and highly recommend Mr Miles and his receptionist/nurse Kate. Op. 24/03/15

  • Location: Private practiceService: Lumbar Microdiscectomy L5-S1 / L4-5

    Fantastic surgeon, great attitude and bedside manner. I am booked in for a L4-5 Fusion with Andrew in Feb 2015 hoping he can sort me out for good.

  • Location: Private practice

    1 year ago had a L5/L6 fusion following 25 years of chronic back issues, minor procedures/surgeries & long term opiate usage. Post op', 95% pain reduction in that region, still nerve pain into the legs but now treatable with non opiate med's. Very successful op'. Work/play like I used to! Thankyou.

  • Location: Private practice

    Dr Miles is thorough, caring and allows you time to ask questions and nothings seems too much trouble. He was recommended to me a I I would highly recommend him to anybody in need of a neurological review.

  • Location: Private practice

    Could not recommend Mr Miles highly enough
    I has my left arm beginning of paralysis due to nerve clamped between eroded discs
    My arm is completely back to full funtioning :)
    Had neck surgery C5&6 replaced
    & arthritic spures removed
    This Specialist knows what he is doing!

  • Location: Private practice

    Dr Miles performed an L5 microdiscectomy late last year, back is best its been in 5 years. He is a great doctor!

  • Andrew performed an L5/S6 fusion on my back in October 2005. To date the operation has been a success and allows me to play golf without retsriction. Prior to the operation, I had difficulty even walking. Andrew is great.

  • Location: Private practice

    awesome bloke. made me go from %15 to %98