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  • Location: Mends Street Family Clinic

    Have been a patient of Dr Albert Quo for over 20 years.
    He is a champion! He is a great guy and a wonderful medical professional. No wonder he is swamped with work!
    Wish I can nominate him for The Hall of Fame!!
    Could be improved: He often runs late but that's because he cares and will listen to his patients. You're not just a number.

  • Location: Mends Street Family Clinic

    Like other patients Dr Quo is just fabulous and always works in with your needs too! We are so blessed to have him guide us in all our family needs and as everyone states - he actually listens to the needs of his patients.

  • Location: Mends Street Family Clinic

    I could not recommend Dr. Albert Quo enough. He is professional, caring and thorough. I have searched high and low the last 6 years in Perth for a doctor of this standard, I will only be going back to Dr. Quo from now on.

  • Location: Mends Street Family Clinic

    Dr Quo takes great care, refers apropriately and considers your financial situation. A shame that he had to enter into a very expensive practice, his own private consulting rooms were always the best.

  • Location: Mends Street Family Clinic

    Dr Quo is very thorough in his examination. more importantly he treats his patients with care and he listens to his patients.

    True GP, highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Location: Mends Street Family Clinic

    Dr Quo has been our family doctor for 14 years. He is a great diagnostician and always follows up with appropriate referrals. We have followed him without any problems to many surgeries he moved to and would follow him pretty much anywhere in Metropolitan area. Fantastic doctor.

  • Location: Mends Street Family Clinic

    I have been with Dr Quo since he started his own private practice.He is the best
    always concerned thoughtful and makes that you have the best care available

  • Location: Mends Street Family Clinic

    Dr Quo has been my GP for approx 20 years. Cannot rate anyone higher. Always gives great advice, good about referrals. He will try to send you to the most relevant Specialists taking into account your finances too. He LISTENS to the patient. Thank you Dr Quo.

  • I have been Dr Quo for over 20 years! Started with bad reaction at the dentist and he has since been our Dr for my three children and my partner. Always kind, caring and thorough! : ) Just hate that he has moved around so often and you dont get told where he has moved to : (

  • Excellent caring doctor and a good at removing skin cancers etc. Pity he is not still working in his own clinic as the s.m.c. is not that great.

  • I am so glad I have found Dr Quo again, he is one of the best GPs I have ever seen as a patient. I dont care if he is running late, he cares about you as a person, just a wonderful man and a great Doctor.

  • Southern Medical Clinic Douglas st now...

  • Very attentive. Highly recommended.

  • Dr Quo is back at Mends Street.

  • He is not at the Mends Street Medical Centre and I am desperately trying to locate him - he is simply the best and am unable to locate where he is practicising

  • Been going to Dr. Quo for about 14 years. He is a wonderful doctor, caring and thoughtful and very gracious.

  • I have been managed by Dr Albert Quo for well over 12 years and I thank the heavens for this kind and caring humanitarian physician who gives his all for his patients. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a true G.P.

  • Dr. Quo has treated me for nearly 3 years. He treated me as an individual case - not as one of many or according to a standard process!

  • A thorough, caring and high competent GP - would recommend highly.

  • Very personable, thorough and takes time to know what's going on... Makes him behind time often, but worth the wait... Not your average 10 min turnover GP... Excellent.