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Generally speaking, we would advise those with atlanto-occipital instability to avoid high impact sports etc, but in day to day life it should not really cause a problem or put him at any danger. Surgery to fix these problems is major surgery, and will also cause the patient to have a stiff, inflexible neck that will have more day to day problems than the instability will ever cause. Even with a potentially unstable neck, it would require significant trauma to cause a problem. Rest assured, that as long he is not a rugby player, it should never cause him trouble!

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Dr. Chris Briggs


Burleigh Waters

Depends on the symptoms for which the scan was done. If there is any signs of nerve irritation the cyst will require intervention possibly in the form of surgery. If it is neck pain - furher assessment to study the stability of the spine will need to be undertaken. The answer to this question is obviously not straightforward.

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Dr. Santosh Isaac Poonnoose



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