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What I liked: "Professional service on front desk. Seen by doctor very quickly who was great and helpful."

I went for: GP consult for chest infection

Patient who saw Dr Brodski in Warringah Medical & Dental Centre

What I liked: "I have moved away but I wish I could still see him.
He is brilliant.He gives choices in a very caring and friendly way.
I don't have a doctor now. Nobody could match him.
I cannot speak highly enough of him. His knowledge and flexibility are what is needed in a doctor. He cures!"

Could improve: "Nothing could have been improved!!
He did the right thing for my health and my Mum's. He gave her 14 more years. He and his wife treated her like a friend. They were always pleased to see her. Can't think him enough."

Patient who saw Dr. John Macpherson in Warringah Medical & Dental Centre

What I liked: "Extremely helpful. Excellent communication, support and follow up."

Could improve: "Nil"

I went for: possible hand fracture

Patient who saw Dr. Susan Reid in Warringah Medical & Dental Centre

What I liked: "The first thing that strikes you is the fresh and clean lay out of the building inside and out and then the pleasant and helpful staff and the approachability of the medical professionals. Over all a very impressive experience .in great contrast to my recent experience at an overworked local hospit"

Could improve: "I don't know yet!"

I went for: Xray ultra sound and wound dressing.

Patient who saw Dr Bullen in Warringah Medical & Dental Centre

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