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Could improve: "She has no empathy with patients and is rude and abrupt. Refuses to listen and answer questions. Hospital staff seemed nervous to phone with questions due to her bad temper. After surgery care has been poor."

I went for: Back laminectomy

Patient who saw Dr Cindy Molloy in Wakefield Medical Centre, Bray House

"I was almost a paraplegic 17 years ago, Peter Oatey successfully carried out major surgery on my lower back and transformed my life. at 67 years of age I now carry out a very active lifestyle playing 2 rounds of golf a week when I get the time from running my property and winemaking."

Patient who saw Dr. Peter Oatey in Wakefield Medical Centre, Bray House

"Doctor Molley is in tune with people she is practical and real. I feel very safe and confident in her care. She is direct but tactful in what she wants for one's health. How could I rate her as a surgeon from a lay person's opinion other than she is recognized from her peers as an excellant doctor."

Patient that went to Wakefield Medical Centre, Bray House

"I have been a patient for number of years and in my opinion Dr Molloy is a true profesional! Compassionate ,up front ,polite ,articulate and answered all my questions in layman terms ! The privilage was mine."

Patient that went to Wakefield Medical Centre, Bray House

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In response to specific question raised - the "gap" of 4.5mm in a child is considred within limits. This "Gap" is the Atlanto-dental distance which is 3mm in adults and upto 5 mm in children. So no need for alarm so long as your child is OK.

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