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What I liked: "Scott had the most fabulous manner and charm about him. He relaxed my husband and all of us just by coming in the room. He immediately went about ordering analgesia that made my husband comfortable."

I went for: My husband was a palliative pain patient

Patient who saw Dr. Scott Lee in St John Of God Hospital Murdoch

What I liked: "Professionalism, expertise, commitment to his patient, high level of patient risk care - thoroughly nice, friendly man who went out of his way to reassure us and keep us informed"

Could improve: "Nil"

I went for: Total knee replacement

Patient who saw Dr. Michael Anderson in St John Of God Hospital Murdoch

What I liked: "pleasant man"

Could improve: "Don't have me pay $170 for a consultation and keep me waiting for an hour. I believe you are providing me a service I am paying for,but should not"

I went for: Prep consultation

Patient who saw Dr. Peter Ammon in St John Of God Hospital Murdoch

What I liked: "Dr Chu is fantastic. Although he had my notes in front of him, he still took time to talk to me to gauge my situation. He explained all treatment options thoroughly, with reasons he thought each would or wouldn't suit me but the final decision was mine. Pre/post op care excellent. Highly recommend!"

I went for: Gynaecolgy

Patient who saw Dr. Zhuoming Chu in St John Of God Hospital Murdoch

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Because the volume of small joints is small even a 50 percent increase in volume may not be detected at the bedside examination and only seen in ultrasound or Mri

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