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What I liked: "Calm reassuring professional approach. Good humour. Caring for both patient and family"

Could improve: "Cannot improve on this man"

I went for: blocked bowel and bleeding

Patient who saw Dr. Richard Sarre in St Andrew'S Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Moore is outstanding - clinically excellent, clear and informative plus compassionate"

I went for: My father went for bowel surgery

Patient who saw Dr. James Moore in St Andrew'S Hospital

What I liked: "kind competent professional"

I went for: colonoscopy

Patient who saw Dr. James Moore in St Andrew'S Hospital

"Have been Mr Parkyns patient for 8 years, he is an absolute gentleman and I am so grateful he came into my life and has been my caring life saver."

Patient who saw Dr. Robert Parkyn in St Andrew'S Hospital

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It is not uncommon to get a change in periods after a miscarriage as the lining of the womb may not grow as much as the hormones of pregnancy go down and as you grieve. Rarely this can be due to adhesions in the uterus (Asherman's) which is diagnosed by inserting a fibre optic camera in the womb to see the adhesions. In Adelaide all gynaecologists should be able to perform this straightforward procedure but less gynaecologists undertake the surgery to remove these adhesions. In Adelaide some of the surgeons that undertake this procedure are Dr Prabhath Wagaarachichi, Dr Aimee Wiltshire, Dr Jodie Semmler and Dr Bruno Radesic.

Dr. Louise Hull
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Dr. Louise Hull