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What I liked: "Dr Marsden has been my doctor for years and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He has a lovely mannerism and very upto date with currently evidenced based practice. He has always done an outstanding job of looking after my family and I. Thanks Dr Marsden"

Could improve: "They don't run on time but do their best to help with this. If you make an appointment by phone the staff will always advice of delays and even call you 15 mins out from your actual seeing time do you don't have to sit around in the waiting room. Great job guys, thank you (-:"

Stacey Y. saw Dr. St John Marsden in Sandgate Medical Centre

What I liked: "Interested in solving patient issues rather than a atient production line. Friendly staff always helpful, treat everyone equally.
Ground floor, easy access, great for older people.& those with disability."

Could improve: "Not a lot. Timekeeping depends more on what patients need that clockwatching. More like an old-fashioned family doctor. Hope that never changes!"

I went for: various conditions

Patient who saw Dr. St John Marsden in Sandgate Medical Centre

What I liked: "St John is the GP for my children and my husband. I occasionally visit him myself. The children love him. He is kind and easy to talk to. He knows our family, our situation and doesn't have to look at the computer screen to find this out like some others."

Could improve: "He's never on time, but this shouldn't really be improved. People just need to know to bring something to read/occupy your time - catch up on your dream journal or whatever. But be prepared to wait."

I went for: GP

Patient who saw Dr. St John Marsden in Sandgate Medical Centre

"Dr Pryor was our long time Doctor, would always take the time to listen and was an amazing doctor."

Patient who saw Dr. Pauline Pryor in Sandgate Medical Centre

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