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What I liked: "After the operation she contacted my husband & GP to let them know all went well, Bill had been worried all day, it took 12hrs., & was very relieved to be phoned immediately after & told everything went well."

I went for: Brain tumour removed

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"Very knowledgeable about my condition and treatments. Pays a lot of attention and is an asset to the community"

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"Dr. Brian Brophy removed an acoustic neuroma back in 1983 and to this day I can still remember his expertise, kindness toward my family back in Naracoorte. I still to this day, hold him in very high esteem!"

Patient who saw Dr. Brian Brophy in Royal Adelaide Hospital

"Dr Clayer is a life saver!!! he is amazing at what he does and in that what he has to deal with he still has a heart to be kind and focus on you and the issue!! dr clayer saved my life!! im forever thankfull"

Patient who saw Dr. Mark Clayer in Royal Adelaide Hospital

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Cartilage regeneration is a new field. There has been little success in the past with being able to restore cartilage in any part of the body after it has worn out. Unfortunately, cartilage regeneration still hasn't shown the ability to avoid other surgery to alleviate pain.
As such, for your mother, who is at a good age for total knee replacement, this would be preferred.
Patients who are a little overweight are not an issue. High elevations in BMI (Body Mass Index) do cause increase complications, such as infection and implant failure.
I would recommend seeing an orthopaedic surgeon to assess these factors as each patient is treated on an individual basis.
I hope this helps to answer your question.

Mr Chien-Wen Liew
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Orthopaedic Surgeon, Surgeon

People who are in good health will always recover more quickly, even following major surgery such as a total hip replacement.
Generally if your surgery is uncomplicated, you will be out of hospital within 3-5 days. For the first few weeks (2-4) it is advisable to use an walking aid of some sort, for stability, comfort or even just to remind yourself to slow down. A physiotherapy outpatient program can be attended or a program can be performed at home to help regain strength.
By 6 weeks the vast majority of patients, who are in good health, will be able to commence driving a motor vehicle again and assume a more normal life style.
You will continue to regain confidence, strength and mobility over the next few months, most patients well and truly having recovered by 3-4 months.
Good luck with a speedy recovery!

Dr. Robert Fassina
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Orthopaedic Surgeon