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What I liked: "I saw Dr Melwyn D'Mello 29 March.He explained thoroughly&honestly my condition and the possible outcome. He tried Laproscopic operation but i had to have full surgery. I was in hospital 5 days.lovely bedside manner, so caring and reassuring doctor. highly recomemmend Melwyn. I highly regard him"

Could improve: "He is a wonderful caring Doctor he needs no improvement his manner is impeccable, his caring of his patients is excellent.I highly recommend Melwyn and Peninsula Private nursing staff and hospital to anyone..My care was exceptional."

I went for: Lap-B-SALPINGO-oophorectomy.

Patient who saw Dr. Melwyn D’Mello in Peninsula Private Hospital

What I liked: "Dr D'Mello is absolutely fantastic! Very caring, understanding and professional. He really knows his stuff - several friends of mine with other doctors did not get anywhere near the detail or accuracy of advice that I got from him through pregnancy. I'm going back to him for my 2nd!"

I went for: Care through pregnancy and birth

Yoganya A. saw Dr. Melwyn D’Mello in Peninsula Private Hospital

"Excellent in every way"

Patient who saw Dr. Melwyn D’Mello in Peninsula Private Hospital

"Great person to have on board during cancer treatment t"

Patient who saw Dr. Romayne Holmes in Peninsula Private Hospital

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I am sure you would be aware that any surgery would see some degree of discomfort in the recovery process.
Key hole surgery in general provides a shorter route in terms of recovery back to work. Many surgeons do perform this as their preferred option- but there is a role for the open procedure as well.

However the other relevant questions would be what kind of work you do and have you had any previous surgery.

There are specific risks tailored to both options however this would require further discussion with your specialist. Both procedures carry a ≤ 1 % risk of recurrence when done by specialists.

Niruben Rajasagaram
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Niruben Rajasagaram