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"Professional, caring, patient doctor who gives accurate diagnosis, gives freely of his time and does not hesitate to refer patients when necessary to top professionals."

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"Dr. Milena Trajilovic is the best doctor I have seen. Has always been very helpful, just outstanding."

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"10, because it's a good service and best medical centre."

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Taking antihypertensives from more than one class gives better results than increasing the dose of one medication.
Vasocardol is from a group called Calcium channel blockers, they work well in conjunction with and ""ÄCE" inhibitor or and "ÄRB"
You should normally not need to take these medications more than daily, though some do need more frequent dosing.
Do cut down on salt intake and check that you are not on other medications that increase blood pressure ( as some anti inflammatory medicines or herbals).
Do exercise daily increasing your tolerance gradually.
I do not hold with frequent BP self monitoring, but a 24/24 BP monitor is a useful adjunct to treatment