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What I liked: "Explanation of conditions and kindness"

Could improve: "Deferral of decision making"

Patient who saw Dr. Naeem Samnakay in Hollywood Medical Centre

What I liked: "He gives all of his attention and treats you with civility and respect."

Could improve: "Nothing!"

I went for: hip replacement and advice on right knee

Patient who saw Prof. Riaz Khan in Hollywood Medical Centre

What I liked: "Total professional and top surgeon changed my life in matter of weeks. Riaz is awesome believe it."

Could improve: "Nothing"

I went for: full hip replacement

Patient who saw Prof. Riaz Khan in Hollywood Medical Centre

What I liked: "Professor Khan is an amazing surgeon. He is both a personal and professional man and such a credit to our health system. It is evident he cares about his patients and it was comforting to know I was in great hands.

If anyone is looking for the best it is Professor Khan and his team."

I went for: Knee and hand

Patient who saw Prof. Riaz Khan in Hollywood Medical Centre

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Yes, it is a topical steroid lotion suitable for scalp dermatitis or psoriasis. It is an alcohol based lotion, so children will often complain it stings. A hydrogel is also available, which is water based and so better tolerated by children or any patient with severe inflammation or breaks in the skin. Zatamil ( mometasone 0.1%) is classified as potent, but is extremely safe for both children and adults. The risk of inducing atrophy in the scalp is extremely low.

Dr. Anne Halbert
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Dr. Anne Halbert