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What I liked: "Very friendly and approachable. I was referred to Dr Ross Baker by this incredible gp Dr Crisp who sadly does not not practice anymore"

I went for: Protein C deficiency

Patient who saw Dr. Ross Baker in Hollywood Medical Centre

What I liked: "Dr Samnakay first saw my oldest son and he was fantastic softy spoken listen to my concerns and was reassuring whilst taking his time to explain everything to us. We loved his bed side manner so much that I took my second child to see him as well. Highly recommend him!"

I went for: Surgery

Patient who saw Dr. Naeem Samnakay in Hollywood Medical Centre

What I liked: "Being first time parents, myself and wife were very anxious and nervous. Even though this procedure is very minor we still felt unwell and anxious. Dr Samnakay was truly a professional and answered all of our questions, even the silly ones in a very reassuring way. Very happy with the DR"

I went for: Discuss Upcoming Procedure for Son

Patient who saw Dr. Naeem Samnakay in Hollywood Medical Centre

What I liked: "I always feel extremely comfortable with Dr Robin Leake. She takes the time to explain things to you and answer any questions you may have. I would thoroughly recommend her. She also is backed up by an amazing and friendly team of staff. You leave feeling reassured and informed."

Patient who saw Dr. Robyn Leake in Hollywood Medical Centre

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No. It is best to get a scraping taken from the ringworm area to see if it is truly ringworm or a form of dermatitis that forms rings. If it is ringworm ( fungal infection), then an antifungal cream is required. If the scrapings are negative, then a topical cortisone can be used although an ointment is better than Cortival cream.

Dr. Anne Halbert
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Dr. Anne Halbert