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"I just want to send thanks to Dr. Hurn for my hand cream prescription. I went in for a flu but consulted rash on my hand that I tried multiple different hand creams from other doctors for years. Dr. Hurn saw one look and gave me the new prescription and now my rash has disappeared."

Corie M. saw Dr. Michael Hurn in Hindmarsh Medical Clinic

"Excellent communication, personable and interested. Explained each step in his diagnosis and treatment. Readily suggested methods to alleviate and prevent future issues."

Rick P. saw Dr. David Bowler in Hindmarsh Medical Clinic

"This doctor gets it right every time. Goes beyond the usual perfunctory standards of many GP;s. Extremely conscientious,personable and approachable. Along with his colleague Dr Hurn, I have nothing but praise for the quality of consults at Hindmarsh Medical."

Patient who saw Dr. Stam Gouskos in Hindmarsh Medical Clinic

"Dr Pole is fantastic. A GP that takes spends time listening, asks lots of questions to ensure a accurate and thorough diagnosis."

Alana H. saw Dr. Paulyn Pole in Hindmarsh Medical Clinic

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