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What I liked: "Very patient and thorough doctor, a sweet and kind lady who is incredibly knowledgable and attentive to your needs."

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Patient who saw Dr. Maryla Stelmach in Epworth Richmond Hospital

"Very caring and knows his stuff."

Inge D. saw Dr. Richard MacIsaac in Epworth Richmond Hospital

"Dr Stelmach is the most caring specialist I have ever met and I have seen many in my years. In her care you can expect receiving a sensitive approach to your needs and the brilliance of her as a doctor. I recommend this wonderful doctor to everyone, if only other Docs could be like Dr Stelmach."

Patient who saw Dr. Maryla Stelmach in Epworth Richmond Hospital

"Excellent surgeon. Takes time to explain procedure in detail. I had hip replacement 1/3/2014. Its now 24/4/2014. No pain on normal everyday use, very happy with result. Would recommend."

Patient who saw Dr. Justin Hunt in Epworth Richmond Hospital

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Its not !
The best method is one hat allows the surgeon to accurately implant the best prosthesis in the correct position.
The Anterior hip approach has a higher complication rate in inexperienced users and there is no data showing better long term outcomes.

Dr. Dirk van Bavel
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Dr. Dirk van Bavel

Orthopaedic Surgeon

A diagnosis of dermatolmyositis requires an examination by a dermatologist, blood tests and a skin biopsy. in some cases a muscle biopsy is also required.
A referral to a dermatologist is the best place to start.

Prof. Rod Sinclair
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Prof. Rod Sinclair


Broadly speaking, the majority of thyroid cancer is very treatable, with excellent long-term survival outcomes. However, there are certain types of thyroid cancer that are more aggressive. Therefore, it is important that patients with thyroid cancer are thoroughly assessed and managed by specialists with an interest in the condition.

Again, generally speaking, surgery is the main mode of treatment for the majority of thyroid cancer patients. Further treatment may be required after surgery, depending on the findings at surgery. Regardless of the initial treatment, long-term follow up is recommended.

Ideally, patients with thyroid cancer should be treated by an experienced endocrine surgeon in conjunction with an endocrinologist.

Mr. James Lee
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Mr. James Lee


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