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What I liked: "Friendly, open, informative and reassurring"

I went for: Possible breast cancer

Patient who saw Dr. Jennifer Senior in Cabrini Hospital Malvern

What I liked: "The initial consultation and advice, care, rehab. and total recovery from very successful major surgery, (March 2014).
I have since (Sept/Oct. 2015) completed the Camino walk (900+km's) from St Jean Pied de Port, France through Spain to the Atlantic coast at Finisterre passing through Santiago."

Could improve: "Nothing."

I went for: Triple coronary artery bypass grafts.

Patient who saw Mr. Jacob Goldstein in Cabrini Hospital Malvern

"Brilliant care of my young daughter. Highly esteemed surgeon. Couldn't be in better skilled or more caring hands."

Patient who saw Dr. Adrian Pick in Cabrini Hospital Malvern

"I am so glad I had Mark as my obstetrician! I was referred to him by my IVF doctor Peter Lutjen who said Mark is fantastic, and he wasn't wrong. My pregnancy turned out to be high risk - so glad we had Mark's expertise and his wonderful bed-side manner to see us through."

Patient who saw Dr. Mark Petris in Cabrini Hospital Malvern

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Colonlytely has been in short supply lately.
Glycoprep is similar in composition
We use MoviPrep for colonoscopy preparation in our practice which works very well.

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Dr. Leon Fisher


I agree with Dr Thomas. Localisation with ultrasound is only required if your doctor is unable to locate the device by feeling for it.

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Dr. Mark Petris

Gynaecologist, Obstetrician