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"Dr Ryan is an absolute legend in the area of immune systems and had answers for me within I visit that I had been seeking to find for years with many doctors and treatments.

Not your normal doctor and that is a good thing."

Patient who saw Dr. John Ryan in Aspley Medical Centre

"Dr Bernadette McShane is incredibly attentive and focused on getting the best results. If you are looking for a gp who will listen, research and not give up on you then she is your doctor!"

Patient that went to Aspley Medical Centre

"Dr Ryan is a very asute, clever man. Do not be put off by the waiting and hanging around...it is worth the wait. I would highly recommend this Dr Ryan with his refreshing approach."

Patient who saw Dr. John Ryan in Aspley Medical Centre

"Dr.Lau is very open and honest about any question that is asked. I feel confident that I get the right answer every time and would have no issues recommending her to any person."

Patient who saw Dr. May Lau in Aspley Medical Centre

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